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"Dear Santa" letters from Pacifica children

The following is a sampling of "Dear Santa" letters provided to the community, 12/11/12 and 12/18/12, from the Pacifica Tribune.  Thanks Pacifica Tribune!  

Dear Santa, 12/11/12 Letters  

"Please heal people who need it"
I would like a puppy because they are so cute and they help me fall asleep. I would also like a case for my retainer so I don't lose it. Can you please heal people who need it?  Hugs and Kisses, Ella, age 9, Good Shepherd.  

This is my list for Christmas:  I want a real puppy that's a boy. It has to be a German Shepherd. I want this so my dog can have a friend.  I want an I Pad mini, because my friend has one and she can get a lot of games on it. I want to give this girl that losed her mother, her grandfather in less than a month. All she has left is her brother. This is what is want you to give her : a new parent that can take care of her.  Love, Keara, age 9, Good Shepherd 

Conor is trying real hard to be a good boy this year. Please bring him a nice present.  Conor Gavney, age 3 , Terra Nova Christian Preschool.  

How are your? We can't wait for Christmas Day! ... A wind-up puppy on a leash.  Max. Includes other children's Santa list, students of La Casita Preschool. 

Dear Santa, Read 12/18/12 Letters
"Please bring me a planner"
How are you doing? I have been naughty. What I did is I've been talking back to my mom because I never get to explain what happened. For Christmas can you bring me a camera? Thank you.  Love, Amaya, Cabrillo second grader.

How are your reindeers? I was nice because I do not give my parents a hard time. Can you please bring me a planner? Thank you!  Love, Stephanie, Cabrillo second grader.  

I wanted to know if the reindeers are ready to fly? I was very helpful this year. Sometimes I help mom or dad make breakfast before I go to school, and sometimes I even make it myself. I really want a wireless microphone and electric guitar for Christmas to use with my band. Thank you, Santa.  Love, Ryan, Cabrillo second grader.  

I would like a mermaid present and new sparkly pink shoes. I also would like some hats, a Minnie Mouse oven and a real zebra from the zoo. I am being a good girl. Thanks. Brookelynn Bordessa, age 3, Jody's Daycare. 

"real zebra from the zoo", Santa!
Please bring me books, tomatoes and a big snowman.  Natalie Vescia, age 2Jody's Daycare. 

I would like a new vacuum and a race car. A green race car. I am a very nice boy at home. I also would like a telephone. Thanks.  Josh Reede, age 3, Jody's Daycare.

I am 5 and my friend Steve is writing this letter. I try to be a good boy almost all year long. Can you put a junior contractor kit in your sleigh for me this year? I have fun with saws and nails. I also want a baby sister to play with. I promise to be good and not eat too much cheese. Also a fishing pole. Thank you, Santa, Your friend,  Jimmy Wilson, age 5, Pacifica Tribune. 

I want to ask you about Batman and Robin. I hope you have a Batman house. Say hello to the reindeer.  Love, Declan Golden, age 3Pacifica Tribune. 

I've been a good boy this year. Except sometimes I've been bad. So this is some of the things I want: a water bed, lacross gear, drum set, electric guitar, $70 cash, flat bill hats.  Amador, age 9, Pacifica Tribune.  

Posted by Kathy Meeh

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