Tuesday, December 25, 2012

You Lost, Brent

From the Wild Equity website -
Sharp Park: When You Win, The Other Guys Say You Lose
23 December 2012 - 23:59

A restoration vision for Sharp Park.

Some of you may have read an article recently saying that Wild Equity’s lawsuit over Sharp Park Golf Course was dismissed, case closed. This article was spawned by a misleading press release by a golf industry front group. Here’s what really happened:

After our lawsuit was filed claiming that the golf course was killing endangered species without a permit, the golf course applied for the very permits our lawsuit claimed it needed.

In October a permit was issued: and it is a doozy. It contains over 50 pages of terms and conditions that burden the golf course with hiring biological monitors to walk in front of mowers, building new breeding and feeding ponds for endangered species, and restoring habitat to create a biological corridor connecting Laguna Salada to the national park next door, Mori Point.

Since a permit was issued, the legal issue we raised was over or “moot,” and Wild Equity is in the process of recovering fees and costs from the City for catalyzing this legal change.

While the permit didn’t order the creation of a new National Park at Sharp Park, we never asked the Court or the permitting agency to do that: because we know that move will have to come from San Francisco and nowhere else.

And we are very close: on five different occasions the San Francisco Board of Supervisors have voted to move forward with restoration planning at Sharp Park in partnership with the National Park Service. While the last vote was vetoed by new Mayor who never met with us, we have a new Board of Supervisors next year.

There will be more legal challenges and legislative work on this campaign in 2013, so stay tuned as we restore Sharp Park!

Posted by Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the white flag is being raised to me.

Funny how Brent made a point of recovering legal fees!! If he was true to his word he would not ask for this as he has claimed numerous times funds are needed elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

When legal doesn't win, how does it get paid? Or is this some government loophole?

Anonymous said...

So if one reads between the lines, Sharp park is doomed to become yet another high priced green fees course?

Good thing I don't play golf. Working at a driving range during high school cured me of any such desire.

The money saved is much better directed toward paying for one of those new Pacifica sewer laterals. After that, I'm sure the City Council will find some other way to separate me from my money. : )

Anonymous said...

Ha, of that you can be sure. Working on it right now but fleecing people while acting open and above board is slow-going.

Anonymous said...

CBD and Wild Equity are an offshoot of Earth First. They reject our reality and substitute their own. They sued BP over the gulf oil spill for the exact amount of dollars the Feds fined BP for. And they got rejected, but... the feds paid them their legal fees. So, it seems they just sue to pay their own bills, they don't really seem to be interested in winning.

nyuk nyuk said...

It's an industry. CBD, Wild Equity, Plater, etc. are all tax dollar parasites. If they didn't sue for a living they'd have to find real jobs. Simple as that.
Expose the public official whores who recompense their legal fees with our money and counter-sue the whole gang of freeloaders for conspiracy to defraud the government (us, we the people, remember?).

Anonymous said...

fraud in government
can't have one without the other

Anonymous said...

A person Brent Plater admires and aspires to be; Prof Richard Parncutt.