Wednesday, December 19, 2012

City council reorganization, 12/12/12

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff writer, 12/18/12.  "City Council reorganizes."

Welcome Mayor Len Stone!
"Outgoing Mayor Pete De Jarnatt said goodbye to his colleagues on City Council last Wednesday as new councilmembers Karen Ervin and Mike O'Neill took their oaths of office. As the council reorganized, Len Stone was named the new mayor for this year. Mary Ann Nihart is the new mayor pro tem. 

De Jarnatt's resolution honored him for 16 years in service on City Council and for his leadership role on environmental issues.  He was honored for supporting Hillside Preservation District guidelines, and for working with GGNRA for the transfer of Pacifica land. The resolution noted his work on flood protection and for expanding the hiking and biking trails in Pacifica. He also helped bring grant funding for solar power at the wastewater treatment plant and supported the farmers' market, the Skatepark, the Sanchez Art Center and the building of the new police station. He helped transition the Oceanview Apartments into senior housing. 

Jaquith was honored for her lifetime of political and civil service."   Read article.

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Anonymous said...

Jaquith was honored for her lifetime of political and civil service." Read article

She was also recalled once upon a time.

Anonymous said...

Name one thing Boy wonder Len has done? I am waiting tick tock.

Time is wasting.

Drinking the kool-aid said...

"Name one thing Boy wonder Len has done? I am waiting tick tock."

Are you paying attention Anon 7:48?

Balanced the budget for the first time in 15 years

Assisted living project approved

HWY 1 project moving forward

Voted against the sales tax

Planning department improving

Economic plan in the works

Think any of this would be happening if Leo Leon would have gotten in ahead of Stone? No. The enviros would have still been running the show for the last two years.

If Leon, DeJarnett, Digre are the majority when Vreeland resigns who do you think they would have appointed? It would have been another extremist and we wouldn't have the 4-1 pro growth majority we have now.

Anonymous said...

Smirky Boy is a real mover and shaker -- or not.

"Balanced the budget for the first time in 15 years" Since when does Pacifica have a balanced budget? Last time anyone looked there was a 2.8MM structural deficit.

"Assisted living project approved." Wasn't this a unanimous vote by the council - Stone raised his hand, big deal.

"HWY 1 project moving forward." As if Stone has any sway to influence CalTrans on this - Sun rose this morning, Stone is credited!

"Voted against the sales tax." And this is really helping us out.

"Planning department improving." Stone isn;t on the planning dept., in case you haven;t noticed.

"Economic plan in the works" That's right, the Task Force was started in 2008, was he out of school then?

Len Stone can't point to one real accomplishment in his term to date that has made any difference to Pacifica, but like most of our right wing development crowd, doing nothing is saying something!

Anonymous said...

I see a pattern here. The commies will and are attacking Mayor Stone. As Pacifica makes small steps to move to become economically viable the rhetoric will heat up. Be prepared, as always.

Anonymous said...

On the converse side, why don't you explain what Stone has done to get your panties in such a bunch, 12:06? Hell, he gets man of the year from me just by virtue of keeping Leon out of office.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Name one thing Boy wonder Len has done?

He didn't act like Jim, Pete or Sue in putting the environment over everything. He is pro growth and pro business and helped the assisted living project and Hwy 1 improvements finally move forward after fore mentioned council members stalled and blocked them for months.

That's why you hate him. But that's ok, it's our turn now.

Anonymous said...

Oh brother, that last sentence @1224 tells you everything you need to know about that discussion and about seeing Stone as some mover and shaker. Vote for me and I'll save Pacifica is nothing new. We heard it and we voted in 2008, 2010and 2012. The ridiculous spinning and grinning continues and we really are still sinking. Oh, but we have a way cool new shuttle. Yeah. Somebody, please save us.

Anonymous said...

Boy wonder Len is starting to sound alot like Vreeland.

Put his name on everything in town.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:47,

Can you give us some examples? Sounds like you have been down the rabbit hole having tea with Sue Digre.

Anonymous said...

I supported Len Stone aqnd so far I hav no compaints. He is a businessman in this town and knows how business works and it isn't by saying no to everything that possibly could bring money into this town. You no growth supporters should be reviewing what your team did in the last 12 to 16 years...almost closed down the city from a lack of viable business. The homeowners do not want to pay for everything including now a $10,000 bill for a new sewer lateral before we can sell our home because the city cannot pay for the improvements.

Anonymous said...

yeah they have some good stuff down that rabbit hole. Just ask Jimmy V.

Anonymous said...

talk is cheap. Show us the numbers, Len!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Len sign off on the sewer fine being put on the homeowners?

Anonymous said...

Of course, Len and Maryann voted for it. I remember the apologies. How long does the amnesty for these two continue? The gouging of the public continues uninterrupted. In fact, IMHO we're going to see the bar raised over the next few years by these tax and spenders. Will they at least deliver new revenue sources? A few new small businesses as part of the regular business cycle, a lot of self-congratualtory fanfare, and Pacifica will continue to decay. We'll all just be paying more for it. Other than the rhetoric and the partners there's really very little difference between this bunch and the previous, but we are trendy, aren't we?

Anonymous said...

If maryAnn and Len would stop congratulating themselves and get to work something..... Anything might get done. I wish Tod S. held their feet to the fire too. There are no more excuses.

Anonymous said...

Well our ferocious little watchdog isn't going to bite the hand that feeds him, is he? And we are talking about food here.

Anonymous said...

oh anon you're not going to like what they get done.

Anonymous said...

You people are a bunch of whiny little babies. Given that the NIMBY councils already bankrupted the city, where do you expect Stone, Mary Ann, or anyone to find money to pay for the sewer laterals? The only way they could afford to do it is by raising taxes, and then you'd really start crying.

Anonymous said...

You mean they're not going to save the city, we are? Has anyone told them that? Do we really need them? Unincorporate. The county can assess and collect all the new taxes and fees we'll be paying and run this town a lot more efficiently than these boneheads. Save big bucks and set these masters of the universe go free to master the universe.