Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CA lost track of Pete's Harbor lease, rent due 28 years later

Omission found in the State tenant asking for property transfer for development.  Now a new source of State revenue.  Wonder how many more of these missing (deferred fee) leases exist in California?  Very amusing.  

Palo Alto Daily News/Bonnie Eslinger, 12/11/12.  "Pete's Harbor owes state agency 28 years of rent.

Pete's Harbor owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in back rent to the California State Lands Commission, which it has asked to transfer its lease so the marina property can be sold for development.  Word that harbor owner Paula Uccelli and her late husband Pete Uccelli had not paid rent to the state agency for 28 years emerged during the commission's Dec. 5 meeting.

State of CA Lands Commission lost track of their tenant
....  Paula Uccelli wants to develop the 10.7-acre harbor site into 15 buildings with 411 apartment units and convert 263 boat slips in the outer and inner marinas from commercial to private use for new residents only.

These tenants paid rent to Pete's Harbor
These tenants and others all paid rent to Pete's Harbor
...  Uccelli's lawyer, Ted Hannig, also addressed the commission and brought up the matter of unpaid rent "to address it head-on."  Hannig said after Pete Uccelli signed leases in 1984 with the commission for two parcels within the marina, he did not pay the required rent because he didn't know where to send the check. Uccelli made several attempts and even enlisted the help of two state legislators in an effort to find out where to send his money but couldn't get an answer, Hannig said, so he finally gave up.  

State Lands Commission Executive Officer Jennifer Lucchesi told the three-member board that the amount due, with penalties and interest, comes out to approximately $406,000. She said a demand letter was sent to Paula Uccelli on Nov. 9; Hannig confirmed that the letter had been received. 

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Anonymous said...

Ok, the connection to Pacifica is that if we had a harbor the city would probably manage it in just the same way. We'd have more commissions and task forces involved but zero revenue for decades. Decades.

Anonymous said...

It's the Pacifica City Council's fault

Anonymous said...

No, anon958. Thankfully, the Pacifica City Council can only screw-up Pacifica and screw-over Pacificans. Outside of their bubble-of-stupid they are powerless. This is the way it's always been, my child. And, anyhow, RWC has it's own eff-ups.

Anonymous said...

This is The states screw up, not Pacifica's for once!