Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Highest tide of the year expected Thursday, 12/13/12

San Francisco Chronicle, Will Kane, 12/12/12.  "High tides bring coastal flooding."

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"The so-called King Tides, have filled parking lots and roads in Marin, San Francisco and the South Bay.  The high tides are the result of an annual alignment of the sun, the moon and the earth that pulls extra water on to the shore.
The region's highest tides of the year are expected Thursday morning. Surges of 9.6 feet are expected in Redwood City at 10:44 a.m., while a tide gauge near the Golden Gate Bridge will record a tide of 7.2 feet.  Last week's Thursday high tide was 5.2 feet at the Golden Gate.   Roads - including Highway 1 in Mill Valley - will remain closed during high tides."

Experts say the tides offer a preview of what global climate change is expected to do to Bay Area shores."

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