Wednesday, December 26, 2012

San Mateo county financial highlights report, fiscal year 2011-12

County of San Mateo,  Financial Highlights, Fiscal Year ended 6/30/12,  (pages 10). 

Index::  page 1, county profile;  page 2, who we are;  pages 3-4, controller's message;  page 5 major initiative;  page 6 economic indicators;  page 7 economic outlook;  page 8-10 financial summary.  

Your Taxes - Property Taxes - For every dollar in property taxes, the following receive: Schools - 45%, San Mateo County - 22%, Cities - 17%, Special Districts - 9%, Redevelopment Agency Obligations - 7%

".San Mateo County Budget FY 2012-2013.  Property tax is the county's largest discretionary General Fund (main operating fund) revenue source.  The picture below depicts how each dollar of property tax collected is allocated: .... Using Shared Vision 2025 community outcomes as the long-term direction for County programs and services, the budget allocates resources to those areas that can significantly contribute to building a healthy, safe, livable, prosperous, environmentally conscious and sustainable community."  San Mateo County Budget Central.

Submitted by Jim Wagner

Posted by Kathy Meeh 


Anonymous said...

Everyone in town should know that pacifica open space pays zero property tax. Yes sports fans, 50% of town is open space owwned by gov't agencies--almost 6 square miles--and pays less than a single linda mar rancher.
Another reason the city and school district are broke...

Anonymous said...

That's been the case for years and Pacifica always managed to stay afloat until recently. Read an article awhile back that the original sewer plant loan with interest would cost every man, woman, and child in town about $240. After refinancing and pulling money out to build the new police station, that debt is now projected to cost each resident close to $2400.

Not to say that a new police station wasn't needed or to say that a new library wouldn't be nice. BUT, when you don't have the money, common sense should come into play, and someone should have realized that borrowing more money was not the answer; it's unsustainable. Granted, at the time no one forsaw the mortgage meltdown, but it's basically a parallel path; owing more money than one has the ability to pay back.

Anonymous said...

@557 be of good cheer because this is where you and I and all the other suckers come into play. The tax and spender 4 on council can't wait to get started on the fleecing. There going to pluck us like a chicken for Sunday dinner only there will be no dinner for us.

Anonymous said...

yeah, too bad council can no longer rip off the sewer fund for $800K per year for their shortfall. how long did that go on?