Saturday, December 8, 2012

The City, SMCTA, CalTrans engineering, staff - "they all lied"

Some of us can only hope that all of these "lies"come true, Todd.  

Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor, 12/4/12.  "Got lies?" Todd McClune Bray

Trust me, that bird is merely a buzzard
"Editor:  The funny thing about the highway widening process to widen Highway 1 between Rockaway and Vallamar from four lanes to six is the amount of flat-out lying that has been going on by not only city engineering staff and San Mateo County Transportation Authority engineering staff, but also CalTrans engineering staff.

You may wonder what those lies are, or not, but they are simple lies that, thanks to the revelations of minutes from the "behind closed doors" meetings of the widening Project Development Team, shows that the group has been working on a six-lane solution with little or no regard for less expensive alternatives but also lying through their collective teeth about other aspects of the project like it won't be growth inducing; meaning it won't foster an increase in development like home building.

That is perhaps the biggest little lie being told by the joint PDT. It has become quite clear that future development in the Quarry, along with the future development of a 40-acre parcel that is across the highway from the Quarry behind the Lutheran church, have not only been calculated into the project but promises have been made to the owner of the 40-acre parcel behind the Lutheran church that he will have highway access post project that he currently does not have. This promise was made several years ago by the PDT for the widening project and recorded in their minutes. The minutes to these meeting are available from either CalTrans or the SMCTA.

I can't stress enough the amount of lying going on by our senior staff, that of the SMCTA and CalTrans about the widening project. And it's all there in black and white recorded by them during their own secret little boys club PDT meetings. If you take the time to read these documents you will see the staffers of the three different agencies even lie to each other.

Like I said, the widening process has become one very big funny lie. Correction: it's been a very big funny lie from the get go."

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

oh sweet irony!

Anonymous said...

Here's how you find out if they've been lying. Ask yourself, Is money involved? Union jobs and contracts? Business contracts for purchases, equipment, services? And, finally and most tellingly, are politicians involved, local and otherwise? Yup to all and Yup they're lying and they've been at it for years.

todd bray said...

Hahaha, Anon @ 3:25, funniest comment I've read on Fix to date.