Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fireworks on Linda Mar Beach, CA State requirement says no

Meantime, paid parking at Linda Mar Beach is moving forward

 Pacifica Tribune letters to the editor, 12/18/12,  "Re Fireworks" by Ray Ramos

"Editor.  After reading your Jane Northrop's article "City Council forms fireworks task force" in the December 12-18, 2012 Pacifica Tribune and watching the Dec. 10, 2012 City Council meeting on PCT at which the Council provided direction/guidance to the City Manager on the formation and focus for a nine-member Fire Works Task Force (FWTF), I would like to offer the following:

Fireworks in the paid parking lot?
The City Council indicated that the FWTF should try to bring consensus recommendations rather than by vote recommendations to them ideally prior to July 4, 2013 and that a recommendation on a total ban of fireworks in Pacifica should be provided. During public comment it was noted that there already exists a State of California mandated ban of all fireworks at the Linda Mar State Beach. The City of Pacifica has a lease to manage and operate the Linda Mar State Beach from the State of California. If there is already a State of California ban on fireworks at the Linda Mar State Beach then all the FWTF would need to do is confirm the prohibition exists and perhaps offer some recommendation regarding compliance measures to lessen or eliminate the need to clean up fireworks from Linda Mar State Beach.

What didn't get mentioned at the City Council meeting nor in Jane Northrop's article was what may be of interest in regard to the FWTF and Linda Mar State Beach is that on Nov. 15 the California Coastal Commission (CCC) granted approval of the City's application to institute paid parking at the Linda Mar State Beach, and that City staff is now beginning the process to put the plan in place. This information was conveyed to me in an e-mail communication from Mr. Steve Rhodes, City Manager for the City of Pacifica in which Mr. Rhodes also indicated that he anticipates that it will be either May or June before the program is actually commenced at the Linda Mar State Beach. The parking fee program at the beach includes funding for two beach rangers dedicated to the management, operation, and enforcement of the beach rules who will have citation authority. The CCC indicated whatever funds generated by the parking fee program need to be dedicated to expenses incurred as a consequence of the management and operation of the Linda Mar State Beach.

Mr. Rhodes represented the City of Pacifica at the Nov. 15 CCC meeting held in Santa Monica. For those who may be interested, the CCC meeting may be viewed at after clicking to video archives for the Nov. 15, 2012 meeting.  I hope the nine-member FWTF will be able to reach consensus recommendations and provide them to the City Council in a timely manner to enable community stakeholders to adapt appropriately prior to July 4, 2013."

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