Sunday, December 2, 2012

Planning Commission meeting, Monday, 12/3/12 Cancelled

Let planning activity happen outside Pacifica!
"City of Pacifica notice of meeting cancellation:  Notice is hereby given that the regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning Commission of December 3, 2012 has been CANCELLED. 

George White, Planning Director, 11/20/12."

Posted by Kathy Meeh 


Anonymous said...

The Pacifica Planning Commission should be dissolved.

Anonymous said...

Current Commission is the remaining legacy of "NIMBY's for frogs over people".

Anonymous said...


Pete, has one more city council meeting left on his 16 years of nothing.

Sue, is the only one up there.

The others on City Council are turning into quasi-hippies

Anonymous said...

Nihart and Ervin have solid tax and spend credentials. To me that's part of the nimby/hippie creed. Look at their supporters and friends. Same people who brought us Vree, DeJarnatt, Digre and Lancelle. Stone defies categorizing and to a lesser extent so does O'Neill. Politicians' true natures are only revealed when they're not running for election/re-election. Stand by.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone see a pattern here.

The Planning commission is told they are committing a Brown Act Violation, and they continue the meeting for another 45 minutes.

City Council, and our fearless Mayor Pete, does not even know the rules and regulations for council meetings after being on council for 16 years. Just a puppet of John Curtis.

School district loses 4 people who all run off to different school boards and who are just using the school district board, as stepping stone to City Council.

Can you see the failing pattern?

nyuk nyuk said...

Duh....It's politics.

Anonymous said...

zip it nyuk nyuk

Anonymous said...

Anon 736 I see your pattern. You're a genius, really.