Thursday, December 6, 2012

City Council meeting, Monday, December 10, 2012

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on local channel 26, also live internet feed,  The meeting begins at 7pm, or shortly therefollowing.  City council updates and archives are available on the City website. 

City Council meeting agenda, 12/10/12.  Items listed below may include embedded pdf documents, illustration and photographs of interest.   

A.    Closed session, 6:15 pm.  Government code 54957.6  "Agency labor negotiator, Ann Ritzma report.  "Employee organizations:  Pacifica Pollice Oficers Assn.; Pacifica Police Supervisors Assn.; Police Management Local 350; Pacifica Fire Fighters Local 2400; Teamsters Local 856 Battalion Chiefs."  

For whatever Holidays you celebrate
B.    Open session (7:00 pm) 

Consent Calendar (pass through)
1.     Approval of cash disbursements, 11/01/12-11/16/12, fiscal year 2012/2013.
2.     Approval of Minutes, city council meeting 11/13/12.
3.     Approval of Minutes, city council meeting 11/26/12.
4..    Ongoing proclamation confirming existence of local emergency, cliff erosion, revetment failure, supporting City storm drainage at 380 Esplanade Avenue. Emergency ratified 4/12/2010. 
5.     Review and compliance of new development fee accounting, (requirement of Mitigation Fee Act).  
6.     Approval to purchase a new Ford F550 utility truck, $72,036.80, previously budgeted from Fund 72 (vehicle replacement fund). Additional $10,000 from Fund 18 for necessary upgrading. .
7.     Approval to purchase a new Ford F450 4x4 winch and dump truck, $53,646.21, previously budgeted from Fund 72. 
8.     Approval to purchase a new Ford Fusion, $21,113.17, previously budgeted from Fund 72.
9.     Authorize the Senior Services Programs Supervisor to submit RFPs to San Mateo County Area Agency on Aging for Fiscal periods 2013-2015, for congregate Nutrition Program, $58,050; Transportation program, $11,976; Meals on Wheels Program, $87,600, and Supplemental Meals on Wheels program, $4,500. 
Item 15, Fireworks Task force
10.   Resolution to authorize One Bay Area Grant (OBAG) Funds application from the City/County Association of Governments (C/CAG) of San Mateo County, under the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). The grant is for Palmetto Avenue Streetscape Improvements.. Required city matching funds if approved, 11.47%.
11.    Resolution approving and authorizing public telecommunications utility underground easement, in accordance with the the "Palmetto Underground Utility District"  (11/24/08). No fiscal impact. 
12.    Resolution creating the Beautification Advisory Committee (BAC).  City council voted to create the committee 11/13/12.  Fiscal impact limited except for required staff support.
13.    Adoption of a reusable bag ordinance, second reading. The ordinance was introduced 11/26/12, and will not be implemented until April 22, 2013.  See City Agenda printout above.
14.    Resolution declaring results of the general municipal election, 11/6/12. The election was Certified 12/4/12. 
15.    Direct staff  to create a Fireworks Task Force.
16.    Award of an Economic Development Plan contract from the Request for Proposals, 10/22/12.  Award to Wahlstrom & Associates, $34,900 not included in the 2012-13 General Fund budget.
17.    City Selection Committee and the San Mateo County Council of Cities meeting, 12/14/12. The Mayor or a councilmember holding the Mayor's proxy should attend. At the meeting appointments  consideration voted upon  are the Committee Chair, Vice Chair, and the San Mateo County Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

More new trucks!

This city does not even have a clue they are broke.

Anonymous said...

Oh anon you just don't understand. The money for those trucks comes from Montana. C'mon now be happy! Happy happy happy. Why can't you just be happy?

Anonymous said...

What's up with #10? The city is applying for a grant for Palmetto streetscape stuff but doesn't say how much and it does say if the grant is awarded this city will have to provide matching funds of a minimum of 11.47%. Minimum. Is there some reason the amount of the grant being applied for is not in the staff report? How much will the city have to come up with? Are we talkin' Ford Fusion money or Ford F550 utility truck money or something really snazzy? When they tell ya something's going to be paid by grants--a beach, a street, whatev--it's not always exactly true. Just curious what our exposure is.

Anonymous said...

how nice. yet another fireworks task force. let's make another finance task force, a quarry task force, a palmetto thumb twidling task force.

Anonymous said...

1:12 does it really matter?

Anonymous said...

@608 yeah, it does. why hide such information? all we ever hear is that this project is being paid for by grants. all the more reason to make sure an expenditure of city funds, scarce funds, happens open and above board.

Anonymous said...

Dream own anon. They've got all kinds of tricks. Perfectly legal but hardly transparent.