Saturday, July 28, 2012

San Carlos transit village project moving forward

Palo Alto Daily News/Bonnie Eslintger, 7/27/12.  "San Carlos transit village plan draws flak from city's east-side residents."

Right current views, left proposed project *
"A proposed development of eight four-story buildings along El Camino Real is drawing fire from east-side San Carlos residents who say it will block their views, cast shadows on their homes and possibly create parking problems.

....  As proposed, the project would be built on the sliver of land south and north of the Caltrain Station between El Camino Real and Old County Road, from Arroyo Avenue to almost Northwood Drive. The 10.5-acre site is owned by the San Mateo County Transit District, which would lease some of the land to the developer, Foster City-based Legacy Partners Residential, LLC, according to a city memo.

The mixed-use development would include 280 "luxury" apartments, according to the developer, as well as 24,000 square feet of offices and 14,000 square feet of retail space. Parking for the apartment residents would be underground, and the 226 parking spaces in a lot near the station would be moved to the south end of the site, according to the memo.

...  The San Carlos Transit Village project aligns with the city's goals because it would encourage public transit and bring needed housing to the city, Nelson said. The project also includes an affordable housing component: either the developer would rent 15 percent of the units at below-market rates or pay the city an in-lieu fee of approximately $8.4 million, according to the memo.  After Monday's study session, the final draft of the environmental impact report is scheduled to return to the planning commission Oct. 1 for a vote." Read Article.

*  Picture description above.  Top:  El Camino real current view, left proposed rendering. Bottom:  Old County Road current view, left proposed rendering.  See related article Daily Journal (San Mateo), Michele Durand, 1/20/10, Transit village on way."
Reference City of San Carlos Transit Village. 

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Anonymous said...

Agenda 21

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Anonymous said...

We have lived here for 24 years and this highdensity housing projects will increase the population 20% overloading the city resources, increase traffic, pollution, driving tradic onto quiet neighborhoods. We have no police or fire departments do to the city misanagement so 1000'a of additional people only puts all San Carlos citizens at risk.most of the fundingg is from grants that will go away leaving the city to pick up the bill. Many of the high density projects have driven cities into bankruptcy.
There is so many things wrong with this development to include some apartments are only 50'ft from a speeding train and only 10 car spaces to suppor the commercial companies. What person or business will want to move there,

Anonymous said...

Hey there, poster@1242, you obviously don't belong in San Carlos. Your attitudes identify you very clearly as Pacificans. Come on over to the coast. We've still got our cops, proud to overpay them, and I'm sure we can find a shack for you and yours. No development of any kind here. Guaranteed. Howdy neighbor!

Anonymous said...

They write like real Pacificans, too. Maybe they went to school here and then moved to San Carlos?
That's ok. Pacific hasn't changed. Come on back!

Anonymous said...

The traffic the traffic the horror the horror

the battle cry of hippies everywhere
The hippies should try to bathe now and then!