Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pipeline notification and November ballot measures

Starting July 1, 2013, every contract for the sale of residential real property must contain a specified notice regarding gas and hazardous liquid transmission pipelines. This notice informs buyers that the U.S. Department of Transportation maintains the general location of these pipelines through the National Pipeline Mapping System at  This new requirement is a response to the 2010 pipeline explosion in San Bruno and other tragedies that have occurred.

The new pipeline notice provides a valuable shield from liability for sellers and brokers. Delivery of the notice to a buyer will be deemed to be adequate to inform the buyer about the existence of a statewide database for the location of gas and hazardous liquid transmission pipelines, and information from the database regarding those locations. C.A.R. will revise its standard form purchase agreements to comply with this new requirement. (Source: Assembly Bill 1511.)
November 2012 Ballot Measure Summary

From genetically engineered foods to human sex trafficking; and from increasing the state’s income and sales taxes to repealing the death penalty, California voters will wade in on 11 distinct initiatives that will appear on the November 2012 ballot. This is the first statewide ballot which implements the legislative mandate that all initiatives from now on be placed in the November election cycle in California. While there may be some proposals appearing in a June election cycle, they will be mostly local or emergency measures.

Click here to download a synopsis of the ballot measures

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