Thursday, July 5, 2012

City Council meeting, Monday July 9,2012

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on local channel 26, also live internet feed,  The meeting begins at 7pm, or shortly there following.  City Council updates on City website.  
Tree Trimming

A.    Closed session - Union negotiation conference with Ann Ritzma. Battalion Chiefs, Teamsters local 856; Pacifica Fire Fighers, local 2400.  Pacifica Police Officers Association, Police Supervisors Association, Police Management 350.   

B.    Open session (7:00 pm)

Consent Calendar (pass through)
1.     Approval of cash disbursements.
2.     Approval of Minutes (meeting of 6/25/12). 
3.     Approve continuation of Local Emergency. 
4.     Approve Tree Maintenance and Emergency Tree Maintenance Services contract.  Davey Tree Expert Company, $91,895 regular tree maintenance (cost itemized pages 9-16); emergency tree maintenance not to exceed $150,000.  Approved fiscal year 2012-12.
Bag discrimination
5.     Resolution/approve budget adjustment, fiscal year 2011-12.  City Attorney budget $60,000 expenditures.
6.     License agreement with Pacifica Hotel Business Improvement District for use of Mermaid Logo. (Cost offset described page 20-21, license agreement page 22-23).

Special presentation.
1)     Plastic bag ordinance - information only.
2)     Pacifican's Care Grant awards
3)     Park's, Beaches and Recreation month

 Public Hearing - None

7.     Resolution and request for County Clerk to consolidate the City's General Municipal Election with the November 6, 2012 Presidential General Election, requesting the County to Provide Election Services. 
8.     Resolution accepting the Annual Pacifica Hotel Business Improvement District Advisory Board Report, and Continuing the BID Assessment for Fiscal Year 2012-13.   Fiscal year 2012-13:  estimated expenses, $68,250, estimated fund balance $38,750.20, page 30- 38. 


Posted by Kathy Meeh


Gary J. Mondfrans, Former San Bruno Mayor and longtime Pacifica Resident said...

Are there any details or documents about the proposed outsourcing of the Pacifica Police Department to the San Mateo Council Sheriff's Department which can be published here so that we can all read about it and be well informed.
Gary J. Mondfrans
Pacific Passions
35 West Manor Drive
Pacifica, California 94044

Pacifica Index said...

Mr. Mondfrans,

During the May 14, 2012 City Council Meeting, Council approved retaining an outside consultant to evaluate the various options, analyze them, and provide their data. The City Manager stated that this process would "take a few weeks."

The report should be on the Council's agenda in the next meeting or two according to this timeline.

Until this data is made available, there isn't anything publicly available that we are aware of.

Hutch said...

That's the problem Gary. There are no real statistic out yet. But my understanding is that it will save us about 1 million dollars a year and every other City that has switched to the Sheriff has been very happy as are the police and citizens.

So Gary, as a candidate for City Council, knowing that Pacifica is in a severe financial crisis and facing possible bankruptcy. What specifically would you do to get us out of this mess?