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Remember to take care of pets during 4th of July activities

Campbell Reporter/Khalida Sarwari, 6/28/12.  "Tips for keeping pets safe during upcoming 4th of July celebration."

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....  "Fireworks can be terrifying for some cats and dogs, according to the Humane Society. Dogs and cats tend to have super-sensitive ears, and the sounds of fireworks going off can make them feel like they are under attack. They respond by retreating, hiding and worse, running away. According to Humane Society CEO Beth Ward, more dogs run away on the Fourth of July than on any other day.

....  What's worse, most dogs and cats are never reunited with their families, according to the Humane Society. Instead, hundreds of lost and frightened pets end up at an animal shelter, placing a sudden burden on staff to find space and care for them all at once, according to the city of San Jose's Animal Care Center director Jon Cicirelli.

....  • Pets should never be left outside unattended during the fireworks, because even those that normally would not leave a fenced-in yard may try to escape and get lost and possibly injured or killed. 

....  • The Humane Society advises anyone who comes across a lost animal to take it to the local animal shelter immediately so that it has the best chance of being reunited with its owners.Read Article.

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