Sunday, July 15, 2012

Its time to stop the sale of fireworks in our community

Pacifica Tribune, Letters to the Editor, 7/10/12.  "Zero tolerance?" by Wallace Rapozo

 Why not Pacifica?
"Editor:  There were signs posted on every fireworks stand and posted on an electronic sign on Highway 1 "Pacifica Has Zero Tolerance for Illegal Fireworks." In an article in the Tribune the police department stated that there would be maximum enforcement of zero tolerance of illegal fireworks. That is a joke. We live in the Linda Mar area and from around 2 p.m. to past 1:30 a.m. we had M-80s, firecrackers and bottle rockets going off.

This morning the news stated that volunteers were going to the Pacifica beaches to clean up the aftermath of the fireworks so that the residue would not harm the wildlife. I blame the members of the City Council for permitting the fireworks to be sold and exploded.

So I hope all of the members of the council to be out there cleaning up our beaches. This happens every year. I know of people from Daly City who told me that they were coming to Pacifica to purchase and shoot off their fireworks, as well as some illegal fireworks.

To expect the police department to stop the illegal fireworks is impossible. They do not have the manpower. The council must stop the sales now."

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Posted by Kathy Meeh


todd bray said...

Selling them isn't the issue, it's allowing everyone to burn them here on the 4th. Sell all the fireworks you want but don't allow them to be burned inside our city limits.

Anonymous said...

Oh no Bray we can't stop now. My fireworks loving neighbor has got to blow himself up. Lots of long-suffering people counting on it and he comes closer every year. A little more booze, a little more brag and we'll pick him up with the shop vac.

Hutch said...

Too many Pacifican families enjoy the fireworks to ban them. Most are out watching and or setting off safe and sane fireworks. Why take that away from 90% because of a few habitual complainers.

This was actually a much more subdued 4th. Only 5 citations issued so what's the big deal?

If there's a problem on the beach then ban them on the beach. But don't take this away from families.