Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sue Digre doesn't belong on city council

Two more years of "what's up", step down or recall?

Hutch advised the following text was submitted to the Pacifica Tribune last week as a letter-to-the-editor.  Letter re-submitted, and printed in the  7/11/12 edition.

"Oh my God, did you hear Sue Digre at the City Council meeting last week? She appeared to have no clue what was going on around her. Rambling and muttering to herself. As printed in the 6/27 Tribune Sue Digre mentioned "sea level rising" as one of the main reasons she is against Highway One widening. This is a highway which is 25 feet above sea level mind you. Yeah sure Sue, let's put all infrastructure improvements on hold because sea levels are expected to rise 6 inches by 2050. 
 "Our environment is our economy."

After over 10 years on the council Sue Digre has no clue about simple procedures or protocol. She had to ask Pete if she can abstain in voting for the highway plan. This poor woman needs to step down now. I urge Pacifican's to watch the 6/25 council meeting on channel 26 or online and decide for yourselves if she is fit to serve. 

For 10+ years Sue Digre has allowed her environmental extremist friends in this town to hold up and stop important projects and progress. All the while voting to tax businesses and property owners more and more. Now with only a few 100 thousand in our general fund Pacifica faces probable bankruptcy like Stockton unless we act fast. And what does Sue want to do to solve our serious budget problems? Build trails, and stop a freeway widening project which will lessen traffic (less CO2), increase business, create jobs and save lives.

If it is obvious to you that this Council member has no place making serious life and death decisions about our City please contact Therese Dyre at and tell her you want to sign the recall petition against Sue Digre and/or volunteer to help collect signatures. Pacifica can not afford two more years of a Council member who is out of touch with reality."  

Submitted by Bob Hutchinson

Related Elected 2010, "our environment is our economy." Picture from Pacifica Patch. 512/11.  Of interest, I found a website account of the 2002 city council candidates: The Subterranean, Issue #4, 10/24/02, (the disclaimer indicates the website is a product of Terra Nova High School students). 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

One has to wonder what went wrong in the childhood of a person who would embarrass themselves so completely by posting a screed that only manages to expose their willingness to reveal their ugly side in the hope of making a political point. I didn't pay much attention to this naive recall effort one way or another, but this posting has just won a vote for Sue Digre if it ever comes to that.

Kathy Meeh said...

"...this posting has just won a vote for Sue Digre.." Anonymous 10:27 am.

And what is it about your childhood, and hiding behind an anonymous name that you would side with such a losing argument against fact.

"You didn't pay much attention to the issues of the recall" by your own words, yet you make such a reactionary statement. Do you watch city council meetings, are you aware of councilmember conversations? Do you observe that Sue Digre is a drag on the city leadership dialog. Are you aware that Sue Digre represents 1 of 5 votes, 3 votes as a majority that controls the progress or anti-progress decision making dynamics of this city.

The issues of the recallm, which you did not pay much attention to, deal with 10 years of city council NIMBY economic malfeasance (IMO, and that of others). The recall is a protest and an educating tool against that. Should the recall effort prevail (20% of registered voters under a 120 day constrained time period) all the better. However, you may support a substandard city and a muddled view to achieve the "nothing for Pacifica" end. And, confusion without attending to economic balance is what has been delivered to our citizens over the past 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Meeh - First rule of holes: when you're in one, stop digging.

Kathy Meeh said...

Thanks Anonymous 1:13pm, that's the short version of my point to Anonymous, 10:27am.

Hutch said...

I think it's fair to expect our Council members to pay attention, make logical decisions and to know how a council meeting works after 10+ years.

Sue's reason for not voting on the highway one widening project makes no sense at all. Sea levels rising have nothing to do with it.

She has to constantly ask what comes next and what she can and can't do as when she asked Pete Dejarnete if she could abstain from the Hwy 1 widening. Anyone knows you always have the right not to vote on something.

Anonymous said...

Typical Pacifica misfire. Digging for gold and they found bullshit.

Anonymous said...

What planet did Digre come from? And, why did we get her?!

Anonymous said...

Just lucky I guess.