Monday, July 2, 2012

Pacifica public schools teacher pay is lowest in county

San Mateo County Times/John Horgan, 6/26/12.  "John Horgan:  Local teachers' pay varies dramatically along the Peninsula."

Painting our environment
....  "....According to the California state Department of Education, the countywide wage range is staggering here. For instance, the difference between the highest 2010-11 salary offered and the absolute lowest available pay on the official wage schedules was a mind-boggling $80,830.

....  "At the top end, the highest scheduled pay at $115,456 was available in the Hillsborough City School Elementary District; in that same peak category, the lowest figure was $72,464 in the North County's Jefferson Union High School District.
Welcome teacher, here's your economy!

The lowest possible starting pay was $34.626 in the Pacifica Elementary School District; the highest starting salary was listed at $$61,990 in Las Lomitas Elementary."   Read Article.

Reference Horgan's county corner. "San Mateo County Public School Teachers' Salaries, 2010-11", lowest, average, highest.  Note:  "None of the figures includes extra stipends, pension contributions, health insurance premiums or other fringe benefits." 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


todd bray said...

PSD administrative and facilities staff aren't.

Hutch said...

This article is kind of misleading. They say "lowest possible starting pay was $34.626" for Pacifica. Doesn't mean any teachers actually get that.

At any rate, I think teachers are just as (or more) important as police and should be compensated well. Lower police, raise teachers.

Steve Sinai said...

If you go to Horgan's County Corner, he shows Pacifica teachers make about $55K on average. That's still the lowest in the county.

It would be interesting to see what administrators make.

Kathy Meeh said...

Here's the base salary/total compensation information I found. Todd or someone else may have a more efficient link.

School Administrators, San Mateo County. Page 1, Jefferson Union High School District Superintendent $190,084/$229,013. Page 6, Pacifica School District, Chief Business Official Administrative services $121,953/$167,341. Page 9, Jefferson High School District, Associate Superintendent District Office $120,042/$156,734. Page 11, Pacifica School District, Computer Network System Administrator/Technology $107,701,/$149,637. Page 12 Jefferson Union High School Associate Superintendent District office $120,044/$147,452.

And with that sampling, that's where I quit. The search is slow and tedious. Visibly our School Districts are on the low side of base salary/compensation.

todd bray said...

School districts will soon be required to file compensation reports just like municipalities. I tried to get similar info from our local PSD but they were very uncooperative. I had to go through the FOIA request BS to get anywhere which is a black eye on our PSD executive staff.

Again it just gets back to the hostility public sector employees have toward the public.

Of interest, not all PSD teachers are fully time, nor do they want to be. The hourly rate however is a healthy sum.

Anonymous said...

Hostility? Maybe some fear, too?

Anonymous said...

Teacher's pensions are often even better than government employees. Set up back in the day when teaching really was the lowest paid of the degreed careers. Low salaries were supposed to be offset by nice pensions and job security. Where have we heard that before?

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, whatever teachers get in terms of salary, benefits and pensions it's just the starting point for the administrators and various staff.

Anonymous said...


(you love those acronyms don't you)

Anonymous said...

Teachers Union is very powerful. They shrug off attempts to make it easier to fire abusive bad teachers.

All these public Unions are doing is hurting the public.