Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chamber of Commerce forms a PAC to promote sound city economics

Pacifica Tribune, 7/17/12. "Pacifica Chamber of Commerce forms Business and Community Political Action Committee." 

Pacifica, a city with economic challenges
"The Pacifica Chamber of Commerce, in response to the membership requests, has formed a political action committee (BACPAC) to further advocate sound economic decisions by our elected officials. We understand the burden that can placed on local business due to poorly written regulatory decisions.

Chamber of Commerce (Rockaway)
Pacifica is emerging from 14 years of structural deficits. This is unacceptable and we will work to make sure that sound fiscal decisions are made considering all aspects of economic impact to our residents and our business community. We need to establish an open and transparent dialogue with our elected and appointed city officials with the stated goal of working to make Pacifica a viable and strong economic community realizing that our natural beauty must be maintained.

The Pacifica Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee will host a public forum this fall so that the public can participate in a thorough question and answer session with city council candidates. Additionally a candidate questionnaire will be mailed to all candidates and the responses posted in the Tribune and local blogs.

Empty store fronts  (Eureka Square)
BACPAC will allow our business members and the community at large to support candidates with a vision to move Pacifica forward. Participation in the decision process will make Pacifica stronger in the long run.

We have some major challenges facing Pacifica. The Palmetto Avenue beautiful project will be a major undertaking. The final EIR on the OWWTP is due to be released soon. A new library project is in the works.

We have too many vacant storefronts in town. The Chamber is looking for new leaders who have a plan and vision to address Pacifica challenges."

-- Jim Wagner
Chair, Pacifica Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Hutch said...

Great great great! This is what we need to finally defeat the naysayer NIMBY numbskulls.

Paul Slavin said...

I assume that BACPAC will be endorsing candidates for at least the City Council election in November. Who will be making that decision, the Chamber directors, the Government Affairs Committee, the membership-at-large?

Anonymous said...

decisions, decisions

Anonymous said...

It's a small bus. Who gets to ride?

Anonymous said...

Paul, call the Chamber for your answer. They believe in transparency.