Monday, July 30, 2012

Remember the highway 1 widening?

A slow day at The Daily Journal?   This somewhat newsworthy event happened last month.  Or is it that over the hill they understand the pace of Pacifica.  And the spin on this?  Only Councilmember Sue Digre and her NIMBY friends don't "get it".

What's the hurry reporting breaking news?
"The Daily Journal (San Mateo), Brendan Bartholomew, 7/30/12.  "Pacifica officials split over highway 1 plans"

Pacifica residents and officials are grappling with questions and controversy as they decide whether to alleviate traffic congestion by widening Highway 1 from Sharp Park through Rockaway Beach.

Pacifica has been considering such a project for more than 30 years, but was forced to take a tentative step forward in late June when the city’s staff received a letter from Caltrans informing the city it would need to choose a favored design before the project’s final environmental impact report could be completed.

Fixing highway 1?  Its only 30 years later
The City Council voted June 25 to go with a design that includes a landscaped median, which the council felt would be in keeping with its goal of beautifying Pacifica. It also voted to nominate the project for funding under the San Mateo County Transportation Authority’s call for Measure A projects. Neither vote was unanimous, with Councilwoman Sue Digre abstaining and Mayor Pete DeJarnatt voting against the landscaped median, and Digre being the sole dissenter in the decision to pursue funds.

Though the June vote may have created a sense of urgency among Pacificans who are stridently for or against the project, DeJarnatt said he does not see things moving quickly. In fact, he said it was a campaign issue for him when he ran for council 15 years ago.  “We’re asking for it to be funded, but that’s not the go-ahead. Then the EIR will be finalized and then it comes back to us again. I don’t see anything happening in the near term,” he said. “This process is unbelievably long.”  Read Article.

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Anonymous said...

what a drag.

Anonymous said...

Get used to it. Change happens slow in Pacifica.

They were talking about this before the 380 freeway coming into Pacifica.

I would say about early 1970's.

The goofballs of city councils past like Howard, Loeb, Jimmy V, Julie, Pete and Sue really did a great job for the city of Pacifica!