Thursday, July 26, 2012

San Bruno will buy a parcel to control the development

A city taking control, similar to what Pacifica did with our already city owned Beach Boulevard property?

The Daily Journal (San Mateo)/Heather Murtagh, 7/26/12.  "San Bruno aims to buy land for hotel."

San Bruno says "Just what the Doctor ordered"
"To ensure a vacant lot in a prime spot will be developed into what San Bruno officials say is a much-needed hotel, the City Council is making moves toward purchasing the land.

During an update Tuesday evening, City Manager Connie Jackson shared the details of the city’s bid to purchase the vacant lot south of Jack’s Restaurant, 1050 Admiral Court, and north of Interstate 380. The city is moving forward with a $1.4 million purchase. A $25,000 good faith payment was made, said Jackson. The due diligence period ends Aug. 1 allowing for the transaction to be completed by Aug. 15.

....  Jackson said acquiring the property will allow the city more power in determining which project ultimately fills the space. San Bruno could benefit from an all-suites hotel with conference facilities, she said. 

Paying for the site will come from one-time funds like developer fees and taxes the city has collected over the years, said Jackson."  Read Article. 

Note:  the land parcel is located on the El Camino Real, below Sneath Lane, near the 380 freeway exchange.   

Reference - City of San Bruno, City Data.

Submitted by Jim Alex 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

At least the land they're buying has developers interested in it. Location is everything.

Anonymous said...

"will allow the city more power in determining which project ultimately fills the space" - sounds like redevelopment

Anonymous said...

what a concept!

Hutch said...

Our Beach Blvd is a US Choice prime location. The naysayers will say it's not, but beach front property is in extremely high demand. Especially for a hotel/restaurant and housing in San Mateo County. It will be like a mini Quarry project in my backyard. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Sure do hope so. The city has bet big on it.

Anonymous said...

Atleast they have some bee bees with an entreprenurial spirit!
I believe it's called "thinking out of the box".

Former San Bruno Mayor Gary J. Mondfrans, a Pacific Resident, Voter and Homeowner since 1987, Creator-Owner-Operator of Pacific PASSIONS at Bearly Worn Consignments, 35 Manor Drive, Pacifica, California said...

I think Pacifica can learn a lot from looking "over the hill" to San Bruno. In my over 10 years of political activity in San Bruno, I first took out City Council Papers in December of 1970, shortly before that you had to be 21 years of age to vote, well I had just graduated from the late great Crestmoor High School just the year before in 1969 and the San Bruno City Clerk could not allow me to become an elector until California as well as the U.S. Government lowered the voting age to 18. I was just 19 years old at the time, and it did take me three times to get elected at the age of 23, I became Mayor of San Bruno shortly after I beat out incumbent Mayor John Barnard at our re-elections campaigns, so I am very familiar with how San Bruno works and it does a lot more than Pacifica ever could. We ran the Water Department, one of finest in the Country, with lower rates and with less dependency on San Francisco's Hetch Hetchy Water System as half of San Bruno is on high-quality well water. We, we being San Bruno, which I helped to manage, ran a high-quality water treatment facility near San Francisco Airport in conjunction with South San Francisco, and we had to deal with massive quantities of rice hulls and other toxins as South City really is the industrial city and more that half of what we processed came from required specialized waste productions that Pacifica will never have to deal with. We also had to deal with a major street water run-off must of which was channeled through Colma Creek and I remember endless study and budget sessions dealing with the need to be prepared for "50" and even "100-year floods".

Thank you,

Gary J. Mondfrans,
Pacific Passions/Barely Worn Consignment Store
35 West Manor Drive
Pacifica, California 94044
(650) 355-8888
PacificPassions at US, not .com