Sunday, July 8, 2012

Change of politics for Pacifica? Its about time.

Sunset in Pacifica CA, My First Californai Home
Brilliant sunsets we've been having
Pacifica Tribune, 7/3/12, Letters to the Editor.  "Change of politics" by Marvin Morganti

"Great to see the Gust family honored in appreciation for all they have done for this hamlet on the Coast, They are truly honored citizens.

Widening Highway 1? I have lived here since 1961 and it was talked about then.

And what about those great new tennis courts at Oceana and the high-tech new theatre at Terra Nova? That bond money we voted on was put to great use and the Jefferson District should be proud of the results, including the renovated Jean Brink Pool.
 I'm looking for a political sunrise

We already have one candidate announcing for City Council in November; how many more will there be? Let's hope for a healthy slate.

And in closing, do we all really appreciate where we live? Have you seen some of those brilliant sunsets we have had lately?"

Reference- Pacifica Tribune, 6/19/12. "My Turn: a shift in politics" by Paul Slavin, guest columnist.

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