Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tom Clifford wants your vote!

Submitted by "The Man" himself

*Editor's note: Tom didn't have to pay to have this posted, nor do any other candidates who want to send in campaign ads.


Thomas H. Clifford said...

I want to thank Fix Pacifica for posting my message to the voters.

Anonymous said...

Fix Pacifica has allowed vicious personal attacks on some of the of the City Council candidates (specifically Vreeland) to appear on it's site. Where as most council member have stayed away I am surprised that you have taken an active role in posting here. That has not reflected well on you. While I'm sure you will Claim to be reaching out to all Pacifica citizens (or simply maintaining close associations) there comes a time when you need to step up and take on the role of a leader if you that is how you want to be perceived.

Thomas Clifford said...

Anonymous: You will find this same ad on Pacifica Riptide, in the Pacifica Tribune, and being handed out by my supporters. As soon as I can figure out how the Pacifica Patch site works, I hope to have it there. I am reaching out to all the voters in Pacifica because, if elected, I will be representing all of them. Yes, some people have strong oppinions one way or another. It's called free speech, and as a veteran who fought to defend this country and the human rights it embodies, I see nothing wrong with people using it. I personally have good relationships with all the candidates who are running, and hope to work with them in the future to make Pacifica a better place for us all.

Anonymous said...

Free speech is rather a wide net to cast. Whereas personal attacks are protected under the right you fought to protect not all speech is equal in character. Take for example Slavin's juvenile rant demonizing Plater for exercising HIS legal rights. Please tell us you can see the difference between civility and mockery.

Scotty said...

Anonymous/Kathy Jana/whatever your real name is:

You refer to any opinions with which you disagree as "hate speach". That is not only typical of the naïve viewpoint of NIMBYs, but it is an offensive affront to people who actually have to endure hate speech.

Heather Tanner said...

Oh dear, another Constitutional argument. So many people use the Constitution to defend actions that aren't protected by the Constitution or to silence actions that are. Every "right" granted by the Constitution also has limitations, unless the right is absolute. Speech is not an absolute right (ergo Slander laws).

Tom, you have every right to communicate to people in Pacifica using media. I'm sure even anonymous doesn't think that someone must agree with everything written on the internet to post on the internet. This site, good or bad, reaches out to people in Pacifica. As such, its a good medium to reach voters - - all voters. Not just those that have the same opinion or ideological background.

From time to time, I do see some things on Fix Pacifica that I do not agree with. If I truly cannot agree, I say something, such as now. If its a difference of opinion, I recognize it as such.

Tom is a good candidate and he would be good for Pacifica. I am glad he is getting his message out there and not looking to just those people who already agree with him.

Anonymous said...

Plater is actively pursuing changing Pacifica's landscape by the complete removal of a beloved public golf course. He is an employee of our u.s. government. He is fair game, get over it.

Resume the attack, golf lovers. And, make it vicious, because there is no other way.

Paul Slavin said...

Well Tom, you have been duly warned.If you want to be perceived as a leader you should emulate your critics by posting anonymously. And I hope you can see the difference between civility, mockery and gibberish.

Uncle Walter said...

I'm still sticking with my picks of Sue Vellone, Len Stone and Tom Clifford, and in thinking about it some more, I realize they all share another outstanding qualification: they all work for a living in the real world. They all have founded, and operated, their own businesses, hired their own help, made the payroll, paid the rent, the bills, the healthcare, the taxes. They had to find their own customers, and keep them. They had to form their own plans and solve their own problems. And if they didn't make money, they didn't get paid.

Jim Vreeland (EPA) and Leo Leon (US Postal Service) have never had to worry about their next paycheck, whatever's happening in the business world. Both are paid, ultimately, by taxpayers, and there's no shortage of them.

Barbara Arietta, as a "public relations" specialist for major media, is about as far away from the real world as you can get. A five minute conversation with her will confirm this.

Sue Digre has worked much of her life as a teacher; a noble profession, to be sure, but again, one far removed from the daily business-world battle for financial survival.

I don't have anything against working for the government, or large corporations or public institutions, but they are not the kind of jobs that instill a healthy respect for every dollar that passes through your hands, or impatience with every hour wasted sitting around a conference table. Or an overwhelming distrust of bureaucracy. That's the kind of leaders we need in Pacifica today.

Anonymous said...

I am with Uncle Walter. It is Sue Vellone, Len Stone, Tom Clifford.

Kathy Meeh said...

Hum, same candidate message arm-chair dreamer "drunk, watching the television" (words from lyrics of your hero)
Uncle Walter aka: Anonymous.

Barbara is clearly for a better city, and has put-in a lot of effective time and energy as a citizen over several years working toward that goal. Here is the city council candidate: Barbara Arietta.

From item 1, clearly Barbara is a person of leadership and action, also a realist: pro-golf course (Chair), pro-develop the quarry/Palmetto/Beach, fix the highway (Vice Chair SM County citizens advisory), pro-balanced city economy, pro-museum (Director), 21st century library (Director), green building (Chair), etc.

Barbara Arietta's stated intent is to make city council a full-time job with focus on city improvement. That effort is currently needed a this time. PS: A consultant is a self-employed person. So, when you vote for city council candidates, include Barbara Arietta.

Sorry Tom, this is your post, but Uncle Walter got a little too much beverage again. I sure enjoyed your campaign party, and meeting your son too.

Tom Clifford has a lot of valuable experience to offer this city too, and his vote is going to be most interesting since it crosses city factions. Again, the main issue I heard from those at Tom's party was that city council can't make decisions to save and improve this city. We need a city council that can. Tom says he can.

Scotty said...

I'm leaning towards Uncle Walter/Jeff's picks too (still wondering what Babs did to set you off, Jeff, but in my case she just generally creeps me out).

Kathy, you make even less sense than usual. You should at least have someone proofread your letters to the editor.

Kathy Meeh said...

Scotty, in that case I won't bother to read my last week's LTE either. It was just a comment on a Fix Pacifica article that one of our friends happened to like. Best part was the title "Don't Vote for Vreeland", definitely a timely idea and title. I received follow-up phone calls from several city radicals thanking me for that LTE-- none from Vreeland, however.

At the moment you're "creeping me out", but then its October so who's counting? Barbara is qualified, and has done the preliminary work to understand the issues and gain insight into how to move this city forward.

If Jeff is "Uncle Walter" I don't understand the viewpoint-- he has been a long time, big fan of Barbara.