Saturday, October 2, 2010

City Council Candidate Forum rebroadcast schedule

 Channel 26, allow 2 hours.  More insight into city council candidates

Sunday, October 3rd, 7:30 pm
Saturday, October 9th, 3:30 pm
Tuesday, October 12th, 10 pm

Sponsored by The American Association of University Women (AAUW). This forum was originally held at city council chambers Saturday, October 2nd. 

Candidates who participated included:  Barbara Arietta, Tom Clifford, Sue Digre, William "Leo" Leon, Len Stone, Susan Vellone, Jim Vreeland.

Posted by Kathy Meeh

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Kathy Meeh said...

Tonight about 8:30-8:8:35pm watch PCT26 for the mock city council forum. For some reason the program didn't stream live last night, and in event the last minute article I just sent doesn't have time to post here's the information:

The Chamber of Commerce city council candidates forum (10/14/10) will be shown on Channel 26, tonight about 8:30-8:35pm according to the station. The forum occurred yesterday (10/13/10) at City Council Chambers and did not stream live at that time. It will also replay with prior candidate forums Saturday.

What's of interest with the forum is that its a "mock city council meeting format". Apparently Mayor Sue Digre defended the record of the incumbents, not well. And there was at least one very funny question. Councilmember Vreeland was absent again (this time "car trouble").

This is another opportunity to better know the candidates-- go for it, and tell your friends.