Monday, October 11, 2010

Speaking of trash.... Eco-friendly compostable bag from hell

The "noise pollution" chip bag is almost gone, life will be better now.

Although the Sun Chips earth saving 100% compostable packaging has been on store shelves more than one year, my first encounter with this "noise pollution" bag occurred last week.  Upon handling this bag generates an estimated 61-65 decibels (dB) of noise, for one small bag that's a lot of noise.

Isn't it ironic, humans can find a possible earth like planet 20 light years away in space, but have yet to design a noiseless, compostable chips bag?  The compromise:  Sun Chips will continue the noisy compostable bag only with their "original" chips, while other yummy flavors such as "French Onion" and

"Harvest Cheese" will revert to non-compostable bags to become trash-- consider this "heads up" for some of you.  Meantime, if you love original Sun Chips, you might want to invest in ear plugs, or turn the music up. 10/5/2010
has presented a comprehensive article.  Even so its hard to understand why after testing, Frito Lay (parent company of Sun Chips) thought the merits of a 100% compostable bag would outweigh the negative of awkward and distracting noise to humans.  In consumer protest I did the unthinkable, threw this bag in the trash. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh

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