Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tonight, 8:30-8:35 pm (10/14/10) city council candidates forum

The Chamber of Commerce city council candidates forum (10/14/10) will be shown on Channel 26, tonight about 8:30-8:35pm according to the station. The forum occurred yesterday (10/13/10) at City Council Chambers and did not stream live at that time.  It will also replay with prior candidate forums Saturday.

What's of interest with the forum is that its a "mock city council meeting format". Apparently Mayor Sue Digre defended the record of the incumbents, not well. And there was at least one very funny question.  Councilmember Vreeland was absent again (this time "car trouble").

This is another opportunity to better know the candidates-- go for it.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


I think Jim just wants his council stipend.... said...

Car trouble? Threw out his back? This guy is so checked out of the council yet is up for re-election? If he wins, that truly shows the stupidity of our voters. What is his city council meeting attendance record again?!

Unknown said...

Car trouble? Someone couldn't pick him up? Does he have no friends?

Hometown Honey said...

Does he have no friends or does he not care?! Someone (ahem...m. vreeland...) is coasting on his long history on the city council and hoping it gets him re-elected. I care about and love this town soo much that I cannot accept it if Jimmy is re-elected. Think smart, responsibly & practical Pacifica!!

vreeland said...

This town was a shit hole when I got here.

Look at all I have done.

the words of the wise man Vreeland

Marian Yap said...

Car trouble, my foot! Call a cab!

Anonymous said...

He believes that all the surfers and skateboarders are voting for him because he is GOD to them. Remember he did all that for them with our money.

We need to make a big post to remind people VOTE NO ON INCUMBENTS. Enough of them.