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Horsley gears up for home stretch

Oct 15, 03:03 PM

REDWOOD CITY (Calif.) — With just over two weeks remaining until the Nov. 2 mid-term elections, one political race that is garnering a lot of local attention is for the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors’ District 3 seat.

Two candidates with differing backgrounds of political involvement — former County Sheriff Don Horsley and coastside businesswoman April Vargas — are bidding to succeed termed-out supervisor Richard Gordon, in a race that will be determined through a run-off election and fill the vacant seat on the five-member Board of Supervisors.

While the upcoming election does hold weight because of the influence the Board of Supervisors wields in San Mateo County — as policy makers, they represent a population with over 710,000 constituents and are responsible for overseeing a budget close to $400 million — the race between the two Democrats is centrally localized and bears no connection to a rogue political party as Vargas claimed earlier this week.

Vargas went on record this past Sunday questioning Horsley’s commitment to the Democratic Party, with claims that the GOP-offshoot, the Tea Party, had endorsed her opponent for supervisor, when in actuality their recommendation was to “vote against Vargas.”

Vargas failed to recognize that being endorsed and actually accepting the endorsement are not one and the same, especially since the Horsley campaign immediately called the party’s headquarters on Sept. 30 and “rejected the unsolicited and unwarranted endorsement” from the “My Liberty” group through a mass endorsement on the Tea Party website.

Four days later, on Oct. 4, the Horsley campaign wrote a letter to the party once again rejecting its endorsement, and requested that his name be removed from their website, which was done within 48 hours.

On Oct. 10, Vargas attempted to back up her claims to discredit Horsley by posting a “cached” version of the Tea Party website that was from Oct. 2, instead of using the most current and updated form.

Vargas tried to turn the tables and link Horsley to a new-wave political party that enjoys very little support in a county where the registered voting base is over 50 percent Democratic, yet in the process of her misrepresentation ended up damaging her own credibility.

San Mateo Daily Journal editor in chief Jon Mays said in an Oct. 13 article, titled, ‘Local races get negative, weird,’ that he was “confused” why Vargas went the route of calling out Horsley for an affiliation to a party he chooses not to be associated with, especially since her campaign platform bears more of a resemblance to that of the limited government, low-tax Tea Party movement.

Mays wrote: “After coming in second to Horsley in June and forcing the runoff, Vargas dropped her message of green jobs, concern over sea level rise and finding a way to give loans to residents who can afford installing energy-efficient solar panels and modified her message to one focused on fiscal responsibility — exactly what the Tea Party calls for. And yet she calls the group’s presence a “cause for concern.”’

Horsley on the other hand is committed to many of the issues Vargas feels are now insignificant. He believes the High Speed Rail (HSR) project, which Vargas refused to give an opinion on, could create a number of green jobs, is pro-sea wall in Pacifica and would like to “offer homeowners low-interest or zero loans for solar panels or other energy-saving home

Understandably, there has been no official statement issued by Horsley in reaction to Vargas’ deceptive claims of his association to the Tea Party movement.

Horsley, the County Sheriff from 1993 to 2007 and outgoing president of the Sequoia Health Care District board, is running on a campaign platform that includes innovative leadership, experience working with county officials and within the community, focusing on public safety and health care, as well as finding new ways to shrink the gap in the county budget deficit.

It has been well known for some time now that Horsley, a resident of Emerald City, has been planning to throw his hat into the political ring specifically for the job of supervisor, and has stated on more than one occasion that if elected he has no intention of using the seat as a springboard to advance his political career.

Horsley, whose campaign has been officially endorsed by many elected officials on a local and state level, possesses the type of leadership skills — integrity, passion, intelligence, and imagination — that will be necessary to guide the county’s third district into the next decade.

An area covering 345 square miles — that stretches from Pacifica down much of the coast side to Half Moon Bay and east to San Carlos through Atherton and Woodside ending near Portola Valley — District 3, with its 20 incorporated and 17 unincorporated cities, is a virtual cross-section of every race, ethnicity, and socio-economic class.

Posted by Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

While Horsley states he rejects tea party endorsement, he never reminds us any more that he is the 'poster child for pension reform'. In addition to the $200k he pulls down in San Mateo County pension, if elected Horsley he will receive a 2nd pension from the County. Huge pension debt will soon cripple Califiornia cities which are over committed to unions where workers are allowed to retire at 55 with full pension. It's an unsustainable pension system - and Horsley is not the right person to help us fix this looming problem - which will cause Pacifica to "go county" as some have threatened.

Anonymous said...

Horsley "is pro-sea wall in Pacifica."
I'm anti-Horsley.

Kathy Meeh said...

Here's some Don Horsley press room links and videos from his website.

Don Horsley is not only pro-sea wall in Pacifica, he is also pro-golf course, pro-safety, pro-economy and anti-crime.

Kathy Meeh said...

Green enough for you? Try the front page, video below his picture left column,
coastside issues.

Note (adjacent right column): picture with Barbara Arietta. Her comment "he does his homework and does it well. I cannot overstate what a potentially powerful representative he will make, not only for our coastside residents, but for the other residents throughout San Mateo County as well."

callout the Fixers said...

No he's not; anyone that is "pro seawall" and "pro golf course" is by definition pro-development. April Vargas is the real green candidate, is the official Democratic Party endorsed candidate and endorsed by all the environmental groups. Shame on Arrietta, the president of Pacifica democrats for endorsing someone else. Holding Republican/tea-party ideals and calling yourself a Democrat doesn't fly. Defeat the real estate shills!

Steve Sinai said...

The Loma Prieta chapter of the Sierra Club supports keeping the seawall. They know that taking down the seawall will result in Laguna Salada becoming too saline for the red-legged frogs.

It looks like part of the Vargas campaign strategy is to accuse anyone who opposes Vargas of being a member of the Tea Party.

Anonymous said...

Horsley is pro to a lot of things that are important to the pro-growth group. I wonder if he is telling the truth. If you look at what he actually has done, it is anti.

Vargas is just another "do nothing and the state will take care of it" candidate. Neither is good enough in my opinion. We need someone very different then these two.

Anonymous said...

The Loma Prieta chapter of the Sierra Club supports April Vargas.

Anonymous said...

The Sierra Club has a habit of endorsing candidates who sit on their asses and say "no" to everything in the name of the environment.

Kathy Meeh said...

"Greens", the nearest political party chapter is in Daly City. Similar to most everything else that is commercial infrastructure, their building is over the hill. California Green Party,
Local Chapters.

Maybe you and the Tea Party could get together for a "love-in" against reasonable, moderate people of Republican, Democrat and Independent parties. Meantime, the county Supervisor's candidacy is non-partisan. BTW Anon 10:13am, some endorsements are worthless, have you noticed?

No need to spin this issue. Easy question. Ask yourself which candidate would better represent this city? 1) Horsley, supports the golf course, jobs, city infrastructure in balance with open space, or 2) Vargas (supports "frogs and snakes", which as Steve Sinai mentioned would not fare well with the sea wall torn-down). Got your answer, now vote.