Wednesday, October 6, 2010

TOT Tax - Mission Impossible?

Consider if you will the yes on hotel tax website

If you inquire of the various buttons for mission, about us, contact or documents (city economic plan?) you get zero.

If you hit link to endorsements, you might expect to get hotel tax champion Councilwoman Nihart.  Or incumbent Mayor Digre or Councilmember Vreeland who are running for re-election. You get zero.

Curious the lack of local endorsements, no? Perhaps a serious case of backpedaling going on?

Posted by Steve Sinai


pacificapatriot said...

Thank you Helicopter Steve!
Looks like another "propose-and-run-away-from" type of bad idea, like the sales tax increase.

Deal with the real and more difficult problem of city payroll and pension, and THEN show the voters the result. Preferably with facts and figures, long-term analysis, etc. Ya know, like we ain't been gittin'!

Mary Ann Nihart said...

I just thought I would give you a heads up on the Support Pacifica website. The simple truth - I am learning to build a website and just have not gotten the information up. There is no big story there. It is out in the lit and will be up on the website soon. So to get you started Endorsements for Measure R are many I will share just a few here including:

Congresswoman Jackie Speier
State Senator Leland Yee
Assemblyman Jerry Hill
San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee
San Mateo County Central Labor Committee

Sue Digre, Mayor City of Pacifica
Mary Ann Nihart, Mayor Pro-tem
Councilman Jim Vreeland
Councilman Pete DeJarnatt
Councilwoman Julie Lancelle

David Canepa, Daly City City Council
Sepi Richardson, Brisbane City Council
John Muller, Half Moon Bay City Council

Sue Vaterlaus, Bruce Banco, Suzan Getchell-Wallace, Mike O’Neill, Mary Ellen Carroll, Eileen Manning-Villar, Pete Shoemaker, Karen Ervin, William Bent, Mike Mooney, Greg Cochran, August Murphy, Mike Brown, Jeanne Matysiak, Eric Ruchames, Kathleen Manning, Bill Michaelis, Jean Brink, BJ Nathanson, Julie Hartsell, Sam Casillas

Kathy Meeh said...

Mary Ann, your efforts to improve this city are well thought of and appreciated... but the proposed TOT tax increase is still "mission impossible" for me.

The following you mentioned although regional leaders who support a TOT tax increase for Pacifica do not live here; nor may they fully appreciate our multi-year struggle to get a balanced city economy "against all odds" of "no growth" city council 4, who by their own interference and inaction have caused this city's structural financial shortfall.

Outside Pacifica: Congresswoman Jackie Speier, State Senator Leland Yee, Assemblyman Jerry Hill, San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee, San Mateo County Central Labor Committee; David Canepa, Daly City City Council, Sepi Richardson, Brisbane City Council, John Muller, Half Moon Bay City Council.

Inside Pacifica and accountable: Sue Digre, Mayor City of Pacifica, Councilman Jim Vreeland (incumbents - don't vote for them), Councilman Pete DeJarnatt, Councilwoman Julie Lancelle.

TOT tax increase? I'm siding with the Chamber of Commerce on this one. Don't hurt business owners. And, until a better city council majority emerges as a newly electing body that significantly promotes city progress-- NO on all new "no value" taxes in Pacifica.

Time is short all, work to get an improved city council, contact your friends if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

we were trying to assemble a list of all the ineffective leaders in pacifica and san mateo county who are repsonsible for its current pathetic economic state.

thanks miss nihart!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mary Ann for the list of all people and groups that are anti-business. Remember this list people when you go to vote. Penalizing business, for past and current mistakes by elected officials, has got to stop.

Anonymous said...

Sue Vaterlaus, Susan Getchell-Wallace, Mike O'Neill, Farmer John, David Canepa, Jerry Hill, Mike Mooney, Eric Ruchames, Kathleen Manning

-- total anti-business greenies all of them

Glad you outed them finally

Emde and STech you need to get over yourselves!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't John Mulller the same person as Farmer John of Half Moon Bay who has been fighting the environmentalists?
Didn't I see Len Stone in the same car with David Canepa in the Fog Fest Parade?
Thanks Anon 11:12 AM for clearing up our confusion

Anonymous said...

Anonymous...Yes, he is and yes, you did. This is the usual one-size-fits-all world view that makes issues easier to "understand" for some. It thrives in Pacifica and guarantees nothing will ever get done.

Kathy Meeh said...

Supporting the proposed series of city taxes is one temporary, static band-aid solution to the existing 8 year compounded structural financial and economic problems. Yet, its rational.

I'm not supporting this approach because we've been there and done that. And, unless city council is force to take extreme measures to fix this problem they will probably move at a snail's pace-- or worse, not at all. 8 year example of "not at all" includes incumbents: Vreeland and Digre-- don't vote for them unless you're looking for a "death wish".

Anonymous said...

The TOT increase is the result of a CITIZENS committee that worked for over a year with the city management to develop a five year plan to get Pacifica through it's current economic crisis. I see no ideas presented on this website that suggest other viable solutions. I support the work of the committee and will be voting YES for Measure R.

At the same time I will be voting for some change in the City Council team. I think the combination of boltstering revenue and a measure of new leadership is what we need to pull through this (global, national, state and local) economic crisis is an appropriate response.

Kathy Meeh said...

Anon 4:38pm, I know you think the TOT tax is a solution, the result of City Council guidance to a citizen appointed committee task force. But, its really no solution at all.

Continuing to tax citizens and raise city fees, rather than fix the city structural problems solves NOTHING-- the problem continues to compound. "Our economy is our economy"-- that's the issue.

Steve Sinai said...

I'm going to wait to see who's on council before I vote for any local tax increases. I'm not voting for the TOT if there's a chance that people like Digre and Vreeland are still on council to squander it.

Lionel Emde said...

There may be nothing to squander, Steve.
There's no guarantee of any new revenue from Measure R, only a twenty (20) percent increase in the TOT on the hotels.
So the Democratic machine lines up behind the tax increase. So what?
Most don't really appreciate how anemic business conditions are here. It's too far away from the centers of power.

Kathy Meeh said...

Lionel and Steve, it seems we are back to positions we each hold with the understanding the city must find a way to get its financial/structural house in order. Lionel has also brought-up the issue of vested-interest, out-of-touch with the needs of this city endorsements, including that of the County Democrats.