Monday, October 4, 2010

Nannini Valero pickets

Dave is an independent owner. He has contributed countless dollars to local causes and supported youth programs for many years. These yahoos were out there last weeks and it looks like Riptide is supporting an affront to a long time, tax generating local business. If these guys have a beef against Valero, let them take it to the corporate headquarters or the refinery. To attempt to disrupt and financially damage a local independent business is reprehensible.

Jim Wagner


Pacifica Climate Committee: Informational Picket @ Valero Gas Station, October 10 and 26


Pacifica Climate Committee invites you to help save California’s landmark global warming legislation (AB 32) from an oil company-funded attack. Help us defeat Proposition 23. We plan a series of actions at the Valero gas station at Linda Mar Boulevard and Highway 1.

Texas oil companies Valero and Tesoro are primary funders of Yes on 23. The idea is not to boycott or blockade the gas station itself, but just to make the connection between oil company funding and Prop. 23. Our signs clearly say that we do not ask the public to boycott the station.

We will stand on Linda Mar Boulevard in front of the station with two big banners and small signs on Sunday, October 10 from 1 to 2 p.m. (This coincides with’s worldwide Work for the Climate event.) On Tuesday, October 26 from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., we will stand on Linda Mar Blvd. in front of the station and across Highway 1.


Lionel Emde said...

These actions against Valero are understandable, but I do not support picketing Dave and Lou's Service.
Dave has had to bounce between gasoline companies in recent years due to factors beyond his control, price being a critical one.
Vote No on 23, but support a pillar of the business community, Mr. Nannini.

Sneaky Pete said...

Vreelander sent me over to this business to ask the business owner to take the signs down for the sales tax increase. Ever since the business owner would not he is on the "you people" Vreelander and Sneaky Pete bad bad people list.

Vreelander and Sneaky Pete are behind this.

Unknown said...

Yes on 23