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San Mateo County Times Editorial: Vote O'Neill, Salahuddin and Weideman

San Mateo County Times
Updated: 09/28/2010 09:00:02 PM PDT

Parents in the Pacifica School District should feel encouraged by the state of the race for three seats on the board of trustees.

All four candidates -- two incumbents and two challengers -- are well-qualified and worthy of endorsement. Take it from us: It's rare to find a race for school board or city council without any weak candidates.

Incumbents Mike O'Neill and Joan Weideman have made persuasive cases for re-election.

O'Neill's strength is derived from his professional background in real estate. He finds creative ways to boost revenues by utilizing district properties. Weideman is smart and passionate. She understands the big picture of education in California and how it applies to children in Pacifica.

Challenger Kalimah Salahuddin would bring a unique perspective to the board. As the parent of an autistic child, she helped push for changes to the district's special-education program. She is also the founder of a political action committee that lobbies state lawmakers on behalf of the district.

Richard Faust, the other challenger, is a longtime member of the PTO board at Ocean Shore School. He has demonstrated a commitment to helping families in need, establishing funds to support families in crisis and making sure children whose parents are struggling financially are able to go on field trips.

Salahuddin and Faust would both make fine additions to the board, but Salahuddin's level of experience gives her a slight edge. We encourage Faust to continue his good work and, if he isn't elected Nov. 2, to consider another run in the future.

In the Pacifica School District race, we recommend Mike O'Neill, Kalimah Salahuddin and Joan Weideman.

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