Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sue Digre - It's not my fault the city's going down a rathole!

A brochure for Sue Digre was stuck in my front door when I got home last night. It was truly pathetic. I always wondered what she could possibly say to try to convince voters she deserved to be re-elected, and it looks like she couldn't come up with anything either. Instead, we get the following exercise in excuse-making, finger-pointing, and self-pity:


The election on November 2nd is about Pacifica's future. Incumbents in this race are being questioned more closely than ever before.  I welcome that scrutiny. It's been my great privilege to be your voice on Council. I've never been afraid  to ask tough questions or take a stand for you. On Council my only obligation is to you. I am proud to have maintained that independence and I pledge to continue to do so. As a member of your City Council I strive to represent the concerns of the entire community and I'm honored to have earned the loyal support of Pacificans with interests in the environment, business, education and human services, local history, and the arts.

Our community, which we've built and protected together, faces unprecedented challenges. Our economy has been weakened by events and decisions largely beyond our control. To deny this fact is partisan politics at its very worst. It is an affront to those who have suffered in our on-going national crisis. To misunderstand the complexity of the problem, to offer over-simplified "soundbites" as cause or solution, simply shows a lack of experience.

But understanding how we got here does not in any way allow us to passively accept the situation. Like so many of you, I have faced many personal and professional challenges in my life. Being passive was not an option then, and it's not an option now. The work to strengthen Pacifica continues so that we are never against as vulnerable. The realization that we cannot borrow against the future to pay for the past has hit home across America and particularly here in California. Painfully tough decisions have been made and more will certainly follow at all levels of government. While I have great optimism for the long-term future of our community and our state, I am also certain that what lies ahead will test us all. It will demand seasoned, experienced leadership. My years of public service in local government and human services, my experience as an educator and advocate, have given me the insight, resilience, and regional support to meet the challenges we face. We must reach beyond our differences and work together to not only maintain and protect our vibrant, caring community and our precious natural surroundings, but also to improve Pacifica for everyone. I ask for your vote on November 2nd.


Can anyone think of anything Sue's gotten accomplished during her eight years on council? I can't.  So why should anyone believe she'll get anything done if given another term? Her nice-sounding but totally infeasible "Environment is our Economy" was an epic fail and has driven this city to the edge of bankruptcy.

She doesn't deserve another term on council.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

Posted by Steve Sinai


Sueaphobic said...

I can envision many interesting and entertaining letters to the Trib on this little campaighn ditty. How long has she been an economist? What national fiscal events prevented Pacifica from taking ANY advantage of the last 2 big surges in the economy. Sue, who is holding Pacifica back? Read your own flyer and it's apparent. What a dork!

Anonymous said...

Please, please. Blame, blame equals guilty.
She has done nothing for Pacifica. It is too late.
All the good investors are gone Sue. Gone with the wind!!!

Stop blaming the economy.

Anonymoose said...

"Our community, which we've built and protected together, faces unprecedented challenges."

The only thing Sue has protected us from is economic development.

Anonymous said...

Its all about "marketing", "the shuttle" and the value of your home going up due to "our environment is our economy" (hardly). Surely Pathetica can do better than Digre and Vreeland-- throw a dart, any challenger candidate is better.

Anonymous said...

It is also called polishing a turd. But when you polish a turd it is still a turd, no matter how hard you try to clean it up.

Anonymous said...

I believe Sue is a decent council member. If you look at her record she has not voted in lock-step with the other 4. She has been a lone voice, hence why she has not accomplished as much as she hoped during her time. She has brought forth numerous developers for several sites only to be ignored by the gang of 4 hellbent on their agendas

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:04PM. Okay change that to "our economy is our shuttle".

Digre "brought forth numerous developers for several sites" very funny, but NO WAY, not even close. Catch the replay of the last debate.

IWasOnTheBus said...

The sue digre "shuttle of developers" to various sites was six years ago (maybe seven actually) and organized by city manager dave carmany. Digre was along for the ride. None of the developers came back. Sue then knuckled under to Vreeland and ran off Carmany.
Pacifica has not had competent leadership since and no effort to highlight sites and locations in town to anyone.

Witness the various fiascos at the old sewer plant. Everything was done behind closed doors, no detailed reports at council and nothing on the city website. Result: zero progress in 12 years.