Friday, October 29, 2010

Voter protection-poll watcher volunteers needed for Nevada

Not required to be a lawyer, although it helps. Training provided. You pay your own way. Not for the faint-hearted: you will be opposing some very aggressive and artful voter suppression efforts.
If anyone wants some background on the actual program and what is typically involved, email me at

URGENT: 100 Election Protection Volunteers Needed in Nevada

October 29, 2010
Dear AAJ Member:
As trial lawyers, you know what it means to be an advocate. The stakes are high this election, and your immediate assistance is requested in Nevada to help a stalwart champion of civil justice – Senator Harry Reid. We need 100 of you to sign-up today and ensure no Nevada voter is turned away.
We’ve heard the reports about the situation in Nevada. The Angle campaign is already employing voter intimidation techniques aimed at suppressing the Democratic vote. In the state of Nevada, anyone who is listed as a registered voter can cast their ballot. Try and imagine what the future will hold if we don’t have Harry Reid in the Senate. He is a staunch advocate for trial lawyers and the clients they represent, and has fought tirelessly to stop tort reform efforts in the Senate. Don’t let the GOP scare people away from the polls. Be an advocate. Volunteer to be a poll-watcher today.
Training starts this weekend and we need to hear from you right now! You can attend training via webinar and report to Nevada on Election Day. Law students and paralegals are encouraged to sign up as well. Email or call 202-944-2808 right away! 
Linda LipsenChief Executive Officer
American Association for Justice

Paid for by the American Association for Justice as a communication to its members.
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Not authorized by any candidate or committee.

  Submitted by Mark Stechbart


Anonymous said...

Propaganda. I heard it was the other way around. People went to vote early and Reid was already picked by the machine. Read the news. Oh, that's right , here in Cali we have state run news. You will never read the truth in California News Media.

Anonymous said...

If you're still sober enough to see the keyboard in front of you, would you care to elaborate on which news is "state run" here in "Cali."

Anonymous said...

Let's focus on Pacifica -- and stop the tea party here. It's the same bigoted crowd.

Anonymous said...

Sour Grapes already.