Thursday, October 7, 2010

New website in town

Submitted by Lionel Emde


Butch Larroche said...

I like it. This may replace the Pacifica Tribune for me.

Steve Sinai said...

It looks like a well-done website.

From the article entitled "Pacifica Council Race Packed as the City Heads Into Troubled Times" -

"Digre is not without her worries, however. She sees an "anti-incumbency" mentality at a national level right now--especially in California--and considers it a danger. In fact, she did not list herself as an incumbent this election as a safeguard."

Sue sounds like she's trying to run away from her record on council. Given how the city has degenerated while she's been a part of city leadership, I don't blame her.

Anonymous said...

Curious. The website notes that their mission is to provide news coverage in "underserved" communities; they are managed out of New York. I think the Tribune does an excellent job covering local news, supporting non profit organizations, and of course the fun of letters to the editor!

Lionel Emde said...

AOL is funding the Web sites known as "patch."
I hope that they continue to fund this site, as newspapers are a dying breed, much to this dinosaur's regret.