Friday, October 8, 2010

Jerry Hill comments on State Budget

Sacramento, CAAssemblyman Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, joined Republican and Democratic lawmakers today in approving a state budget for 2010-2011. 

“It’s ridiculous that we’re 100 days late passing a budget, causing health centers and vendors to go without payments and putting us on the brink of IOUs for the second straight year,” Hill said.  “This is a perfect example of why we need to change the two-thirds vote requirement to pass a budget so that we end this annual gridlock in Sacramento.”

“Despite the record-setting budget delay, Californians will be happy to know that major reforms were accomplished, including pension reform to reduce benefits for new state employees and putting an end to spiking. We also expanded our state’s rainy day fund and agreed to place a spending cap proposal on the 2012 ballot to pay off debt when revenues increase.”  

“Even though we made $7.5 billion in cuts necessary to help balance the budget, I’m glad we were able to increase funding for higher education and community colleges, keep child care centers open, and maintain K-12 education funding at last year’s level.

“This budget also preserves funding for domestic violence shelters, Operation Welcome Home services for returning veterans, and safety net and health care services for seniors, children, disabled, and low-income Californians.”

“I’m also pleased that we were able to include modest relief for those impacted by the San Bruno disaster in addition to the resources victims are receiving from their insurance companies and PG&E,” Hill said.  “As we approach the one-month anniversary of the explosion this is the least the state can do to ensure that victims, local governments and schools are not impacted by declining tax assessments.”


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