Thursday, October 27, 2016

Time to build an adequate library, your vote "yes" is needed

Pacifica Tribune/Local Views/Letters to the Editor/Print Edition A6, 10/26/16.

"Need Library" by Alyssa Jenkins

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Old Sharp Park Library
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Proposed new Sharp Park Library
"Dear Editor, I have taught in Pacifica for nearly 25 years and have seen how much local libraries mean to our students. I'm voting Yes on Measure N because our students should be able to visit a library every day of the week.

As teachers work to prepare students for college and career, we are increasingly asking students to work together in groups outside class time, and libraries provide vital, safe meeting spaces for our kids. Not only do students need access for computers, but librarians also provide a valuable service, helping kids locate the resources they need in order to be successful.

Unfortunately, our current libraries are too small and open too rarely to be of reliable service to our students. Additionally, our libraries have insufficient access to modern technology, and many students are unable to get on a computer to do their work.

Measure N will support one library in Pacifica that we can keep open seven days a week with better access to computer labs, homework spaces, and skillful librarians. It's time Pacifica provide a safe, modern local library for Pacifica students.

Please join me in voting Yes on N this November."
Reference.  City of Pacifica, proposed new Library.   Yes on N, our Library, our Pacifica.

Note photographic, and photograph.  New library from City of Pacifica reference above. Current pink Sharp Park library from San Mateo County Libraries, Pacifica Sharp Park.

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Anonymous said...

Anna Boothe's dumb library lawsuit got thrown out of court today. Gee, who would have thought a complaint filled with spelling errors and handwritten scrawls ala the Zodica Killer would have been laughed out of court?