Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The NIMBY view: no new housing, no highway fix, no solutions, and definitely no progress

 Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor, 10/7/16."In response" by Ted Hay

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Message from Open Space.
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Vote YES for N "Library",
and W "Quarry development".
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I got mine, to hell with you.
"Dear Editor,  First of all, I must admit that the staged photos in their brochure are absolutely beautiful — people bird watching, walking peacefully through the quarry. But wait, are those cars, trucks, busses, noise pollution, traffic with blowing horns extra smog? Oh no, where did the birds disappear to?

206 multi-family units with unknown amounts of people and cars to join in the morning and evening commute party!

Open space three quarters for wildlife habitat; I think we should keep it all open space.
Bumper to bumper cars no way in or out; all bad ideas.Let’s not open this can of worms that can’t be put back in the can.  Hope we’re not trying to be a big city." 

"No new neighbors" by Paul Cowan

"Dear Editor, Once again, someone bought the land of the old Pacifica Quarry and wants to rezone it from commercial to residential. Every time the developers try to pass it off to the people of Pacifica as some sort of public works project. Now it’s called Measure W and it’s pretty much the same thing as the Measure L that we overwhelmingly voted down. I just don’t want new neighbors in an instant slum showing up beside Highway One.

We will have to give it street, police, fire and school services forever, so long-term it’s a losing proposition for us and a gold mine for the developer. I would not object to more shopping there; they don’t need any permission to do that. That’s just not as profitable as building housing or whatever they call it in their propaganda. Please vote no on W."

Graphics, photographs.  Yes vote  by Marcl from Care2, "The secret? Just Say "Yes!"  No from Shutterstock, on the The Huffington Post/Alexandra Franzen, How to Say 'No' to Everything Ever: A Universal Script for... Well, everything ever."  Wolf from Memegenerator.net,"Insanity Wolf."

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Anonymous said...

Attended community forum Q & A on Measure W, Quarry,by yes people at Sharp Park Golf Course.Model of development there & pictures. There was a buffet with hot & cold choices with wine,coffee,tea,milk,water, and dessert.It was superb!Go to their presentation hungry!Next one 1 Nov 6:30-8:00,Salada Cafe. Even if against,go for food,even had ribs,and meet neighbors!