Saturday, October 8, 2016

City Council meeting, Monday October 10, 2016

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor. Or view on local television or live feed Pacific Coast TV. If you missed meetings, view on PCT26 YouTube!  The city council meeting begins at 7 p.m., or shortly there following. City Council updates and archives are available on the City Council website.

Image result for Columbus Day pictureCity Council Interactive Agenda, 10/10/16.    City Council Agenda, 10/10/16, pdf pages 403. 

Closed Session, none.
Open session, 7 p.m. Call to order, roll call, salute to flag.  Closed Session report. Special Presentations.  Art Guild of Pacifica/Sanchez Art Center. 

Consent Calendar
1.     Approval of disbursements, report. a)  9/21/16 - 9/29/16.
2.     Proclamation confirming a local emergency, coastline from Westline Drive to end of Beach Blvd, report.  a)  proclamation, b) photos, 10/6/16.
3.     Resolution amending City's Conflict of Interest code (economic interest) in even-numbered years, list of employees and certain consultants. Report/Resolution. a) Administrative positions affected, and any code requirements.
4.    Lease agreement with Paul and Amy Kukielka, dba Chit Chat Cafe, 2100 Beach Boulevard (Pacifica Pier), 11/1/16, 3 years, 2 optional extensions for additional 1-year term (total 5 years); $1,246.26 monthly, 3% annual increase per year. Report/Resolution.  a) Lease agreement, pdf pages 34.
5.    Resolution creating an Illegal Fireworks Task Force, and designating member composition. Report/Resolution, pdf pages 4.
6.    Approval of consultant Bartle Wells Associates for City Sewer Rate Study. With drought conditions, evaluate an alternative billing method (not based upon highest rainfall month):  $57,700, (total project budget $69,300, includes a 20% contingency). Report/Resolution, pdf pages 4. a)   Scope of work/contract, pdf pages 17.
7.    Resolution approving developer/owner subdivision lot improvements (SUB-232-16) to construct 2 single-family homes on a lot with 1 existing single-family home, NW corner Brighton Road and Scenic Way. Report/Resolution.  a) Agreement, pdf pages 21. 
Communications - Public (Oral); City Council; City Staff. Public Hearings, none.

8.    Report on City Response to Sea Level Rise and Climate Change.  Report, pdf pages 7.
a)    1.   Winter storm project status spreadsheet, 10/2016, pdf pages 2. 
b)    2.  Beach Blvd seawall presentation,  2/8/16, pdf pages 13. 
c)    3.  Coastal Hazards Technical Report (Moffatt and Nichol, 6/2016, pdf pages 40. 
d)   4.  City Sea Level Rise Study Session: Final Summary of comments from participants,  9/27/16, pdf pages 6.
e)    5.  City Sea Level Rise Study Session: Concerned letters., emails, pdf pages 19.
f)    6.  San Francisco Public Golf Alliance Final Facilities Planning Report, 8/24/16, pdf pages 148.
g)   7.  California Coastal Commission LCP Planning Grant application update, pdf pages 27.

9.   Emergency Preparedness and Safety Commission Annual Report. Commission background. a)  EPC Annual Report, 9/2015 - 9/2016, pdf pages 6.  b)  EPC 2016 Annual Report presentation, pdf pages 19.
10.  Adoption of City Council Goals (7), and Work Plan, 2016-17. Report, pdf pages 4. a)  Draft Goals and Work Plan with spreadsheet progress status, 10/10/16, pdf pages 5.

Adjourn.   Reference, location. Item 7 above, Brighton Road and Scenic Way, Mapquest.  Note graphic image from Hingham Lumber Company, Cohasset, MA.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Golum said...

Keener, Deirdre, and the rest of those advocating "managed retreat" this is what you are proposing be moved or given to the ocean:

12% of our population which translates to thousands of residents;

The majority of our older, and therefore more affordable, housing stock;

5 of our 6 hotels (80% of the rooms) that generate transient occupancy tax revenues for City operations and bring visitors who patronize our businesses;

More than half of our businesses which provide vitality to the community and, again, tax revenue for City operations;

Public facilities that include City Hall, North Coast County Water District, Ingrid B. Lacy Middle School, the Pacifica Pier, drainage outfalls, and the waste water pumping stations and force main.

Significant public recreational assets including beaches, coastal trails, the Beach Blvd. promenade, parks and Sharp Park Golf Course

You can change your tune but your real motives are transparent. Your candidate, Deirdre, has been trying to walk back from what she has previously said. Sorry young lady, we have long memories. Once a Keenerite always a Keenerite.

Anonymous said...

City Council candidate Sue Vaterlaus, has her own campaign website:

I notice that a couple of important questions were posted there. However, Sue has not answered either one of them. I assume she monitors her own website, as I would hope she would keep an eye on the city - if elected. Do we have another "sit on the fence and do nothing" candidate? This is a VERY BAD sign!

Anonymous said...

The nimby's, Riptides, and the infamous "gang of no" will never vote for a realtor.

wake up pacifica said...

8:47 Apparently you haven't followed Sue Vaterlaus on the campaign trail. She consistently promotes the preservation of our environment, is against the felonious agenda of "managed retreat", supports business as a matter of principle and to bring in desperately needed revenue to help our city function, supports the construction of affordable housing and has promised to consider every issue brought before council with a fair, objective and open mind.
This is in sharp contrast to Keener, Deirdre, Bridgett and Digre who mechanically obey the marching orders provided by the likes of Loeb, Verby, Goodale and Lancelle. These harmful, selfish idiots have already and absolutely will continue to destroy Pacificas economy. They believe this will keep outsiders out and will cement the institutionalization of their faux-enviro, parasitic government sucking lifestyles. These are not compassionate people. They shamelessly treat us regular tax paying citizens as collateral.
Their mantra is "I Got Mine / screw everyone else".

ian butler said...

After reading numerous comments like Gollum’s above, I asked Bob Battalio and John Keener to respond. This is what they said:

“What they are describing isn’t managed retreat but a subset of managed retreat, or more accurately just retreat.” Bob Battalio

"I have always made it clear that I support reinforcing the sea wall at Beach Blvd. if the funding can be secured." John Keener

And this is what Deirdre Martin had to say about it at the forum last Thursday,

“I want to make it clear that I do support making sure that our homes and infrastructure are protected here on Beach Blvd. “

In summary, no one has advocated for letting sea level rise flood our city unimpeded, it is therefore a strawman argument.

I will be interviewing Mr. Battalio on this topic soon and will post a link when I do.

Larry said...

“What they are describing isn’t managed retreat but a subset of managed retreat, or more accurately just retreat.” Bob Battalio

Well, that's perfectly clear, Bob!
That's like being a little pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Keener and Deirdre Martin send out Ian Butler to shill for them.

Way to go use a messenger who has proved biased and will do anything to please the "gang of no"

mike bell said...

Ian Butler,
If your goal is to provide accurate and unbiased information to the community, you should talk to me before publishing anything that Bob Battalio tells you. My knowledge of what he proposes for West Sharp Park comes from numerous face to face discussions with him over the last 10 years.
It can all be corroborated with other people who were also present in those face to face meetings. You can even bring Bob Battalio with you. In fact I would even welcome Keener and Martin but not without Battalio's presence.
I will make every effort to accommodate your schedule as soon as possible.
Thank you for your effort to shine light on this important subject.
Mike Bell

wake up pacifica said...

Larry, you are correct in saying that Deidre Martin was a proponent of "managed retreat" for West Sharp Park before she wasn't. This also true for Keener and Battalio. Now they are all trying to walk these statements back by either denying that they ever supported it, changing the wording to an innocuous Save the Beach bumper sticker, conditioning on only if the funds can be secured (NEWSFLASH, that's your job Keener) or that somehow it is possible to be a little pregnant and just allow retreat (not managed.....HUH?) These fraudsters are trying to pull a fast one on Pacifica and are following the orders of their puppet master's who have nearly killed off Pacifica economically in order to prop up their "I Got MIne / screw everyone else" agenda.

Anonymous said...

Butler endorsed Deirdre. Keener endorsed Deirdre..see a pattern? Let the spin begin!

Anonymous said...

Nihart and Vaterlaus both have mailers paid for by the National Association of Realtors. See a pattern?

Anonymous said...

Deirdre speaks on ocean rise, wanna trust your home safety to this? Or anything west of hwy 1??
From the candidate pamphlet today: "plan for sea level rise and ensure we are spending our money wisely"

Waffling. One one hand she says nothing about a solution (does she know Congresswoman Speier is working in this issue?) and on the other hand, she states the obvious-- husband the money. Duh.

But I am not voting for Duh !!

Anonymous said...


Whether I follow Sue Vaterlaus or not is irrelevant. That has nothing to do with the fact that she is flagrantly dodging a question that was posted on her own web site. It has been 12 days since the question was posted and it is a very reasonable question - i.e., unless you are trying to avoid controversy in order to win the election. Personally, I'm sick and tired of two-faced candidates. It's about time we had some people on Council who say what they mean and mean what they say. Sadly, it looks like Sue V. isn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone with a different view ever been interviewed by Ian Butler?

I will give you all a hint


Steve Sinai said...

"Nihart and Vaterlaus both have mailers paid for by the National Association of Realtors. See a pattern?"

Why do you think the general public has the same obsessive hatred of REALTORS® that NIMBYs do?

Kelly said...

Sue Vaterlaus is for maintaining and improving Pacifica infrastructure including in all of West Sharp Park. To insinuate anything else is nonsense. I've heard her speak at four forums and her stance is crystal clear. She's immovable on this and the other issues she stands for. And those of us who live in West Sharp Park know that the interests of the golfers and golf course are our interests. The infrastructure that protects them is the infrastructure that protects us and vice versa. There is no daylight between the residents of West Sharp Park, the businesses in our neighborhood, and the golfers/golf course--period.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, Steve. Why do you think the general public has the same obsessive hatred of REALTORS® that NIMBYs do?

Anonymous said...

6:38 "sick and tired of two faced candidates" then you definately should not vote for Deirdre Martin.

Anonymous said...

The most recent Wavelength was an interview with John Zentner, the quarry developer guy.

Sue is apparently aware of how the public views realtors, she lists herself as a "businesswoman" on the ballot, no mention of what kind of business.

Cliff said...

Hey, 6:38, is that you again Stegsnink? Sure sounds like your obsessive compulsive hounding of a non issue. What are you, 8 years old! Stay on your own moronic rant blog and play with your friends on ripfart but leave us alone.

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:56, is that you again Stechbart? How many fake names do you use anyway? (This is supposed to be a free speech blog, so I'm confident this post, which is far less offensive than the one it is responding to, will not be censored.)

Anonymous said...

@7:56 -

You are as poor of an investigator as you are a scholar. So you want me to "leave us alone". Who exactly is "us"?

And to the rest of you Sue Vaterlaus Kool-Aid drinkers: Just ask her to answer a simple, straight forward question that is posted on her own website. Tell her it has been 13 days and the clock is running. Also, inform her there are many undecided voters out there who care about these sort of things, i.e., politicians who duck important questions and sit on the fence.

Anonymous said...

How sad that someone is watching the clock on a question he obviously posted himself, being the serial stalker that he is, like he's waiting for 1999 all over again. Wow!

wake up pacifica said...

9:18 Anonymous Dan, I'm relieved to hear you claim that there are many undecided voters still left in Pacifica. I kind of doubt the accuracy of your statement, but it's fun to fantasize.
Taking stock of our current Council:
Digre is such a fence sitter that she even sits on the fence about sitting on the fence.
Keener is a manipulative liar. He claimed to be against Hiway One who knew he was really against everything except what his puppet masters want.
Ervin is intelligent, honest and always works in the best interest of ALL Pacificans all the time.
O'Neill shares all of the characteristics of Ervin and also has an outstanding record on the School Board delivering a very strong school system and facilities.
Nihart is a great leader and is incredibly adept at increasing Pacifica's representation in Regional, County, State and Federal agencies.
Now for the candidates:
Nihart will continue to do a brilliant job on Pacificas behalf.
vaterlaus is a hard working and successful Realtor. She's a critical thinker, very independent and very serious about objectively listening to all sides before she litigates.
Duffy is very good hearted, very intelligent and most important very honest but lacks experience and command of the issues to qualify for a job as important as guiding our city.
Deirdre Martin is very smart (she tells everyone that in every speech), she's extremely manipulative and is fundamentally dishonest about her real intentions. She is a protege of Keener and follows the same orders from the same puppet masters who control Keener and have ruined Pacifica's economy.
so... I hope you're right about the existanc of undecided voters maybe it will give them time to correctly assess the current field.

Tom Clifford said...

A word of caution to anyone who thinks that the money to fix the sea wall is just sitting there waiting for the City to claim. The Army Corp. of Engineers Can supply up to $10 million but that must be match by $5 million from other sources. Any more federal money literally will take an Act of Congress. Jackie Speier is working hard to get us the money we need but we must compete with the likes of S.F.( 1 Billion + for the Embarcadero) in a Republican controlled Congress.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, when I was but a kid, my best friend's father told me that lawyers and real estate principals should never be allowed to run for political office - too many inherent conflicts of interest. Over time, I have grown to appreciate the brilliance of this observation.

are you serious ? said...

Deirdre Martin is a phony.
Every time she talks or answers questions, she responds with unintelligible word-salad which always contains key phrases like:
rent control, save our beach, no Highway One widening and just about everything her mentor John Keener says, who dutifully obeys the orders of the
NO ON EVERYTHING FOR PACIFICA, enviro-thugs. After she is done with her happy enviro-talk she predictably lands on "I would form a committee and study it". It is worrisome that she is already a student of the favorite tactic of the enviro-thugs, which is to delay doing anything under the guise of further discussions, in order to kill a project that her handlers don't like.
She is walking back her former position supporting "managed retreat" by renaming it SAVE OUR BEACH and of course adding "let's form a committee and discuss it" knowing full well that every storm season, starting with the one that is only two months away, poses a dire threat to human habitat.
She ends every speech by telling everyone in the room, "I'm really smart and my job as a project manager qualifies me to lead Pacifica". The truth is that she is a "managed project" and smartly follows the instructions of the enviro-thugs.
Most deplorably, she manages to inject the death of her infant child into every one of her canned political speeches, without provocation. No doubt this was a very tragic event in her life but she really cheapens it by using it as a political device to gain sympathy from the room. The majority of people on this planet experience tragedy in their lifetime but they are usually respectful enough to honor it with privacy. It's very worrisome that she so easily and consistently employs this very private tragedy in order to manipulate the public.
What else is in her bag of tricks? What won't she stop at? Is this Vreeland redux?
No thanks. Pacifica does not need another one of these.

The Local LIbertarian said...

What have we got here in our Pacifica? Our own bowl of nasty?

I was rather disgusted watching Trump and Hillary sling mud at each other other night. And whats happening in our little town of Pacifica is just as upsetting.