Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sea Level rise solutions, let's talk?

Pacifica Tribune/Local Views/Letters to the Editor, print Edition, page A6, 10/26/16. 

Image result for Pacifica, CA sea level rise picture
Sea Level rise solutions are happening,
thanks to intelligent City management action. 
"Pacifica and the sea" by Carl Herder"

"Dear Editor, Our response to sea level rise will be a contentious issue for Pacificans in the years ahead. As reported in the Tribune, Mayor Digre asks for public forums. A public forum can be a useful airing of opposing arguments, or a bunch of hotheads spouting off. Information makes the difference. Intelligent choices and arguments can be made from access to information.

To this end, I request that all research and studies available to the City Council be made available and easily discoverable by the citizenry. This should be a priority and a prerequisite to public forums."


Note photograph and article by Lindsey, and environmental engineer from The Hungry Hydrologist blog, 2/24/14, "King Tides". 

Posted by Kathy Meeh

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