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Proposed Quarry development, campaign civility, vandalized signs

"We'd like to conduct a civil campaign where we all respect each other's signs and supporters.  We're excited about building a unique and special project in the Quarry and would happily engage with the opposition in a public forum.  Unfortunately, the No campaign would rather deface our signs and campaign material.  Perhaps if they had a viable alternative they could campaign for something."

Submitted by John Zentner

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NIMBY breakfast.
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Proposed Quarry Village development
requires your Yes on W vote.
Reference, the ballot measure. Voters Edge/Measure W. "Shall the Initiative which amends Ordinance Number 391-C.S. to authorize up to 206 multi-family units of residential development at the Rockaway Quarry only under certain conditions specified in the Initiative measure entitled "Pacifica Initiative Amending Ordinance No. 391-C.S. To Authorize a Future Rezone of the Quarry Which Could Include Residential Development, Under Certain Conditions, be adopted?" The link includes the impartial analysis, with arguments for and against.  Facebook, Yes on Measure W.  

Reference, restoration and development project.  City of Pacifica.  Pacifica Quarry, restore and connect, "The Team.  Property owners Preserve@Pacifica, LLC purchased the quarry property in 2014 with a commitment to undertake a sensitive balance of restoration and site-appropriate development. Eenhoorn, LLC, a property management company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, represents the quarry property owners."  FAQ:  What is the plan for the Quarry? The proposed plan for the Quarry includes permanently preserving 75% of the land as open space. The degraded wetlands and hillsides would be restored. Enhanced, safer walking and biking trails would be created, funded by the owner. Rockaway Beach and Mori Point would be connected for public access. A Creekside Park, amphitheater and meadow would also be put in for public enjoyment. The plan calls for limited residential, hotel and retail development on the remaining 25% of the land. The compact, mixed use “Quarry Village” would include retail and restaurant space with an oceanfront plaza. Residential development would be limited to no more than 206 units. At least 25 of the units must be live-work units, and at least 20% of the units must be designated for affordable housing. The height of residential buildings would be limited to minimize view impact. The proposed hotel would be no larger than 188 rooms and 12 bungalows, and would provide substantial tax revenue to the city of Pacifica. The hotel would also contain a conference center for event space. Overall, the proposal is significantly smaller, much more compact, and with much smaller traffic impacts, than the previous plan – the Peeple’s proposal, that was rejected by voters in 2006. It is also significantly smaller than both the current Pacifica General Plan and Rockaway Beach Specific Plan. Both the General Plan and Rockaway Beach Specific Plan are already in place and could be built without voter approval. This is a well-balanced plan that has something for everyone. It would restore the land and permanently preserve 75% of it. Enhanced recreational opportunities would be available for the public, and it would bring millions of dollars of tax revenue, jobs, and affordable housing to Pacifica.Related. David Kent You Tube, 6:18 minutes, "Drone Footage Pacifica Ca Rock Quarry."

Note graphic, photograph. Proposed quarry village, area to be developed (City Planning),  Pacifica Tribune article/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 4/13/16,"Quarry Plans critiqued." NIMBY breakfast from Affordable Housing Institute/David Smith's blog.  Disclaimer: formatting, captions, graphic and photograph choice by Kathy Meeh.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe if the PR company fronting the developer's misleading Facebook page allowed both Yes and No voters to have input and just delete those comments that are opposed to the development with no guarantees that commercial will be built without residential, people wouldnt go to these extremes?

Anonymous said...

@8:23, you're an idiot!!! Perhaps if people respected others opinions that would be all we need!!!

Anonymous said...

@11.19 You dont see the hypocrisy of your statement? Enough said. Pot.

KHM said...
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Anonymous said...

So what if the developer hires a PR firm. Any good business person would when dealing with such a project. If PR agencies only got hired for the jobs in their cities, they'd be out of business. Get real, big freaggin deal, stop trying to make something that is nothing into a hurricane of desperate nonsense.

Oh, and in regards to sign stealing, defacing and censorship, I witnessed first hand a 12 yr old girl from the school in Sharp Park intentionally get off the bus at Reina Del Mar and Hwy 1, walk up the little hillside and knock down a Yes on W sign. Then she proceeded to have her classmates videotape it and place it on the social media platform called Snap Chat, showing off what she did. For those of you not familiar with Snap Chat, once a video posts it only stays up for 24 hours and then disappears. I do know the identity of the child and I had 2 witnesses in my car when this was witnessed. I also contacted Pacifica School District Superintendent, Wendy Tukloff, in an email response she said she would communicate this to her district principals and have them communicated to staff. As far as I know she has not.