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California Coastal Trail through San Mateo County, Pillar Point bluffs

The Daily Journal/Samantha Weigel, 10/8/16.  "Pillar Point bluffs preserved in perpetuity: County parks, nonprofit Peninsula Open Space District partner to link coastal trail."

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Pillar Point bluffs aerial view.
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Pillar Point bluff above Mavericks.
"Pristine coastal bluff top views overlooking one of the state’s most prominent marine reserves will be preserved for the public in perpetuity, through a public-private partnership.  This week, the county Board of Supervisors accepted another 21 acres of Pillar Point bluff courtesy of the Peninsula Open Space District, or POST.  The nonprofit bought the former private property last year as part of its ongoing work to transfer these unique coastal lands to the county. 

The goal has been to complete the beloved California Coastal Trail, and this segment will help preserve access to the bluff tops near the infamous Mavericks surf break. “From vision to uninterrupted bluff trail, it has taken nearly four decades to make what was once a patchwork of private properties into one of the most beautiful segments of the 1,200-mile California Coastal Trail. First envisioned back in 1976 by San Mateo County Parks, POST could not be happier to have completed the transition of this property at long last for all to enjoy,” POST spokeswoman Marti Tedesco said in an email."   Read article.

Related.  Save Pillar Point/California Coastal Trail.   Note photographs. Pillar Point Bluff sign  (not found on the article or by itself) image to Coastsider/Barry Parr, 8/14/08, "POST breaks ground for new and improved trails at Pillar Point Bluff." Google Earth aerial view (8/08) found on "Save Pillar Point California Coastal Trail.

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