Thursday, October 6, 2016

Senior Center Annual Spaghetti Feed, Saturday October 8, 2016

Image result for people eating spaghetti picturesPacifica Tribune/Janis Haynes, Program Coordinator, Section B5, 10/5/16, print edition. "Pacifica Senior Center October Events/Spaghetti feed and silent auction fundraiser."
Image result for people eating spaghetti pictures
They won't be here for the fun,
but you'll still enjoy the spaghetti.

"Tickets are available at the Community Center and will be at the door the night of Saturday, October 8 from 4 to 7 pm. $5 for children 8 and under; $10 Senior members; $15 general admission.
Price includes spaghetti with meat sauce (vegetarian option available), salad, garlic bread, dessert and beverage.

Raffles, silent auction and handmade quilts by Jackie Samoluk and the Pacifica's Quilters. Fun for the whole family! Prizes every 30 minutes till 6 pm. Then the silent auction winners will be announced (winners of these prizes need not be present to win). We will contact you for an arranged pickup time after the event. We need your support! These baskets are great for you, family members and friends too! Get a jump on Christmas."

Reference.  Pacifica Recreation/Senior Services Facebook, Annual Spaghetti Feed, posted 10/4/16. City of Pacifica/Senior Services.

Note one-string spaghetti photographs. Meryl Streep actress (Wikipedia link) from Star 104.5 loving music, loving life, "People who eat pasta are actually thinner than those who don't!" President Obama  from Chill, Spaghetti and Duck Face Funny People Selfies (1 of 19 Images).

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

So Daly City, you know the place north of us, that the Riptides don't want to end up like, is getting the 2nd In & Out Burger restaurant. Across from Serramonte Plaza and next to the old Sizzler's building. Also a new Chinese Hospital clinic just got built next door.

As Pacifica rots..

wake up pacifica said...

We don't want development anywhere near the scale of what is going on in Daly City.
All we want is enough development to make our city solvent.
We need the ability to attract and keep tourist dollars.
We need enough income to maintain our infrastructure.
We need enough income to hire and equip an adequate police and fire fighting force.
We need enough income to clean up our dirty and crumbling city.
We need enough income to make structural improvements and increase our quality of life.
We need enough income to build affordable housing.
We need enough income to bolster the art, music, literature and theater community.
We need enough income to build a new library.
We need enough income to support our local businesses.
Is this too much to ask for? Are the people in Pacifica unworthy?
What we don't need is another NO vote on Council.
Deirdre Martin is just like John Keener except that she is even more deceptive than he is.
The NOBY's have brought Pacifica to it's financial knees.
The NOBY's have no aversion to a complete civic failure as long as it ensures their "I Got Mine" agenda.

Tom Clifford said...

I don't know what the above comment have to do with supporting the Senior Center but I am going to the spaghetti feed and hope to see you all there.

Anonymous said...


Daly City is solvent.

Pacifica is broke.

Anonymous said...

I'm no where close to being a senior so I would much rather have IN & OUT!

Tom Clifford said...

Since you are so young how about buying a ticket for the spaghetti feed and giving it to a senior so that they can have a good meal on you.

Anonymous said...

Seniors have all the money! They also get all the great discounts!

Tom Clifford said...

You have so much too learn & time is a very harsh teacher. Enjoy your youth & ignorance at least one of them is fleeting.

Anonymous said...

Daly City is getting Steak & Shake, also.A East-Coast company sees potential in Daly City!

Kathy Meeh (in search of humanity and a good meal) said...

Hopefully those who can, will continue to support our Senior Center-- and follow the wisdom expressed by Tom Clifford. Thanks Tom!

mike bell said...

Tom, I have always told my kids that 'life is a gift, enjoy every moment of it as much as possible'. I also remind them that, 'even tough times provide an opportunity to learn from and grow patience'. Face it, life is fleeting and for sure, NO ONE GETS OUT OF HERE ALIVE. When I was much younger I felt indestructible now that I'm aging, reality has definitely set in.
Oh yea, and measuring Pacificas success or not by how many fast food joints we attract is a horrible way to gauge the strength of our economy. Ironically it usually means that all we've really done is taken that first step on a very slippery slope.

Tom Clifford said...

Mike, I agree, yours is good advice to pass on to our children & grandchildren.