Sunday, October 18, 2015

Park Mall changes ahead, OK Liquor space may become sports bar

Sun Valley Fine Food - Pacifica, CA, United States
Convenient community market

Financial business side of the Mall
Pacifica Tribune (print only edition)/Esther Harris, Correspondent, 10/14/15. "OK Liquors in Park Mall under new ownership."

OK Liquors in Park Mall under new ownership
OK Liquor space at Park Mall
"The owners of Sun Valley Market, Salim and Mark Qaru, took over the space of OK Liquors in Park Mall last week. ....Ibrahim Ahwal, the manager of Sun Valley Market at the Terra Nova Blvd location, said they haven't decided what will replace the liquor store but they are not planning on keeping it a liquor store. ... "We are asking the community what they want; we will let them decide," said said Ahwal. ... ..."one of the possibilities they are discussing is turning the space into a sports bar but they are waiting to make any final decisions until they have more feedback from their customers."

.... Other changes to the shopping center are in the developing stage.  Anne Stedler, Economic Development Manager, said there are city wide efforts in the planning phase to help improve shopping centers in Pacifica, including Park Mall. .... "My primary concern and priority is to strengthen the local economy and resulting revenues to the City. ..."  Read more.

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Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

The owners of park mall shopping center want to put 50 apartments on top of the retail stores.

You heard it here first!

Anonymous said...

Make 'em affordable and let's make a deal.

Steve Sinai said...

Sounds good to me. I can just imagine the NIMBYS at a Planning Commission or City Council meeting, though. They'd be complaining about the high cost of housing during one part of the meeting, and then speaking out against any new housing during another part of the meeting.


Thomas Clifford said...

I am impressed by their willingness to listen to what the neighbors want in the mall.

I assume that their final decision will be one that makes the most financial sense.

As for the owners Of Park Mall wanting to place 50 housing units on top of the existing Shopping Center The idea has a lot of merit. The Mall is surrounded by residential property the site is already developed and we need more affordable housing. If it was my property I might think about butting in underground parking and build up the whole lot.

Tom Clifford said...

That should read "PUTTING in underground parking"

Anonymous said...

Housing and new business in Park Mall sounds great. Affordable housing? Even better. The usual enviros will swan around about their creek. So what? Let's just hope the tennis playing realtor who kicked up a fuss at the mere mention of affordable housing at the old Oddstad School site doesn't feel it'll be a blight on the neighborhood and join forces with our swans. Would that make her a nimby? She did all the typical nimby stuff...LTE, spoke before council, organize supporters. Damn, you think a realtor could be a nimby? Seems unnatural, but I guess it's the old "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". Frankly, I think anything with a large affordable element would have council's support 4 to 1, maybe unanimous. More than anything, let's hope the developer/owners, whoever they are, have bags of cash. Love that market and the relationship those guys have with the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...


Do you remember what happens to the voice of reason in Pacifica?

Anonymous said...

Tom, don't let the toads silence you. Not the ones in office and not the ones on here. You never know who your audience really is or how they may be moved by what you say.

Anonymous said...

There is no pending housing at that site.

Anonymous said...

905 anyone who isn't a realtor is a NIMBY.

Faux environmentalist, faux human riffs, faux minority rights commie nimbys

Anonymous said...

Pending? Might not be pending, but it's a great idea. As noted by others, perfect location for apartments, condos. Extra points for affordable!

Anonymous said...

At 1:46 not all minorities want minority rights.

Realtors always do what's best for Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

NIMBIES/NOBIES/faux-ENVIROS always do what's worst or Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

SweetJesus! To dump that load @146/242 the horse must have been as big as a house.