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All mailed college district election ballot, San Mateo County

The November 3rd, 2015 ballot is in the mail, or has been received by registered voters. This is a vote by mail only election.

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Postmarked before or on
Election Day, 11/3/15
Candidate informationSmart Voter, San Mateo Community College Board Members, 4 year term, vote for 3.

Vote by mail information. Shape the future, includes what to do if you have not received your mailed ballot by October 16, 2015. Ballot drop off locations, and mailing guideliness:  "Mail it in the postage paid return envelope. It can only be accepted if it is postmarked on or before Election Day, November 3, 2015 and received by Friday, November 6." 

Related, election information.  Roster of all city and county candidates, pdf pages 13.  Page 1 includes the college district board candidates which affect the Pacifica ballot only, again vote for 3. The other 12 pages are unrelated to Pacifica, and affect other San Mateo County cities, towns and districts.  Election Calendar 11/3/15, pdf pages 7. 

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Candidates. The Daily Journal (San Mateo), Austin Walsh, 10/1/15, "San Mateo County Community College District candidates focus on accessibility: seven candidates vie for three vacant seats on board of trustees." "The three schools comprising the San Mateo County Community College District should be more accessible, in terms transportation, cost and community presence, according to candidates running for the district Board of Trustees."  Endorsements. San Mateo County Democrats.   
College District.  History, "The current College of San Mateo campus was opened in 1963, followed by Cañada College, Redwood City, in 1968, and Skyline College, San Bruno, in 1969. Construction of Cañada and Skyline was made possible in large part from proceeds from a second bond issue of $12.8 million approved by District voters in 1964."  Wikipedia. " The district serves more than 25,000 students each day with both day and evening classes."  Foundation/about. "Our mission is to make sure that quality, affordable higher education is available to every member of our community. To that end, we raise money that funds student scholarships.. and school programs.. at the three community colleges in San Mateo County: Cañada College, College of San Mateo (CSM), and Skyline College. ..."  
Election.  San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate/John Wildermuth, 10/8/15, "Mateo County to experiment with mail-only voting." "Kevin Mullin, a former South San Francisco councilman, was one of the authors last year of AB1873, which allowed San Mateo County to join Yolo County in a test of an all-mailed-ballot election."

Note graphic from ROTWNews (San Bernardino County election, 10/31/14). 

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