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Chang family civil lawsuit

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 10/13/15."Chang family files suit for wrongful death."

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In memory of Errol Chang, d. 3/18/14
"The attorney for the family of a mentally ill man who died after police shot him, filed suit in federal court a few months ago.   ....  San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe investigated and cleared the officers involved of wrongdoing.  ....  Russel Anan Robinson, Esq. decided to file the civil rights suit in U.S. District Court. The case has been assigned to a judge in Oakland. A trial setting conference is scheduled for January 6, to be followed by a jury trial. The complaint seeks damages against the city of Pacifica, city of Daly City, as well as police personnel who are individually named ..."

The complaint seeks injunctive relief that would include adequate training for police officers involved in potentially lethal confrontations with mentally ill persons, proper use of tasers and alternatives to military tactics and lethal force.  In addition, the complaint seeks funeral and burial expenses, general and special damages, emotional distress damages for witnessing the death of Chang, attorney’s fees, and court costs. The causes of action include negligence and denial of due process against all the defendants and a superior liability against the two cities. The alleged civil rights violations include unreasonable search and seizure and deprivation of rights. The last cause of action alleges the defendants discriminated against Chang because he was Chinese-American and mentally ill."  Read article.  

ReferenceJustia Dockets and Filings. Chang et al v. City of Pacifica et al, filed 10/5/15, Ninth Circuit, Civil Rights."Thomas Chang, Christine Goias, and Matthew Chang, individually and as survivors of, and successors to, decedent Error Chang, Plaintiffs, v. City of Pacifica, City of Daly City, PPD Chief of Police Jim Tasa, DCPD Chief of Police Manuel Martinez, Jr., Capt. Joe Spanheimer, Capt.Steidel, PPD Officer Stump, PPD Officer Aranda, PPD Sgt. Romero, PPD Corporal MacDonald, DCPD Officer Woelkers, Sgt. Wachtelborn, and DOES 1-100, Defendants. Chang v. City of Pacifica, et al., "Complaint for damages and for injunctive relief. Wrongful Death, Etc. Jury Trial demanded," Case filed by Russel A. Robinson, Esq., San Francisco, CA. Link to the lawsuit (Case 4:15-cv-04591-SBA), found on Pacifica Riptide, 10/6/15.

Related, prior Fix Pacifica article reprints: search this blog, "Chang".  Note photograph by Brendan P. Bartholomew from his related follow-up article to the San Francisco Examiner, 8/8/14, "Pacifica conference highlights services for mental health emergencies." "Relatives of 34-year-old Erroll Chang called 911 to report that the longtime Pacifica resident was having a paranoid episode related to his schizophrenia.A six-hour standoff ensued, resulting in Chang’s death when a SWAT team entered his home and shot him after he allegedly attacked an officer with a knife." 

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