Friday, October 16, 2015

Planning Commission cancelled, Monday October 19, 2015

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It's true. No meeting.

Planning Commission Cancelled, 10/19/15.

"City of Pacifica notice of meeting cancellation.  Notice is hereby given that the regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning Commission of October 19, 2015 has been cancelled."

Tina Wehrmeister, Planning Director

Note graphic from Zazzle, "Halloween Boo! poster."

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

In other unreported Pacifica News:

The liquor store in Park Mall has been purchased by the owners of the Park Mall Supermarket and will be turned into a sports bar and pub!

Anonymous said...

Unreported? It was on the front page of the Trib.

Anonymous said...

Do we really need another sports bar in the b.o.v.? Stupid idea.

Anonymous said...

105 It's a great idea! Bravo to these folks for once again investing in this town. My guess is you live back there and either don't want such a biz in your neighborhood or you're worried about the competition to other Park Mall businesses.
The more the merrier.

Anonymous said...

12:29 Who reads the Tribune?? It's a fish wrap!


I am sure you are happy with the subpar dining in Pacifica. Keep eating your frozen TV dinners and Kraft Mac & Cheese!

Anonymous said...

"Fish wrap" seems to have found a home.

Anonymous said...

As long as I can buy my TV dinners at Safeway in my jammie bottoms and house slippers, I'm a happy camper. Bonus, I'll fit right in.

Anonymous said...

I other breaking unreported Pacifica news the Horizon's building in Pacifica is no more. It was demolished today.

I bet Bray is crying!

Steve Sinai said...

If a rain puddle forms where Horizon's was, the hippies will declare it a "wetland" and petition City Hall, the Planning Commission, and the Coastal Commission to stop any new building.

Anonymous said...

Funniest comment on here in a while - but please don't give them ideas!!


Unfortunately this not really a joke.
Did you know that one of the arguments used by the faux-enviros against expanding Highway One is a piece of swamp along the highway about the size of a street gutter which wouldn't be there if the highway had never been built to begin with. They are claiming that this is habitat and therefore cannot be disturbed unless of course we are willing to add millions of taxpayer dollars to the project to go around/over it?
This is straight out of the school of Plater, Mirkarimi, Loeb and Bohner. It is nothing more than a phony ruse to stop any progress or improvement in Pacifica.
These people have no common sense or scruples and don't care how many people's lives they endanger as long as their most important goal is achieved......GETTING THEIR WAY (and getting paid by taxpayers for their corrupt legal obstruction)
Will this crap ever stop in Pacifica? Or are they content to do their damage, collect their ransom and move on to exploit the next little town.

Anonymous said...

WUP is right, the site is between two areas of habitat. If left fallow for more than a year it can be rightfully argued it's a wetland if it can be proven to have 3 or more continuo months of standing water, even a puddle. What a joke that would be.