Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fog Fest 2015, more people attended this year

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Mayor Karen Ervin
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Let the parade begin
Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, 10/6/15, "Highlights from Fog Fest 2015."

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Locals and visitors
....  "This year, more people attended the two-day festival due to the Super Bowl exhibit. More than 2,300 people passed through that tour. "The Super Bowl 50 committee loved our little town. We had the most people who have gone through the tour," said Carol Camacho, vice president of the Fog Fest Organizing Group (FFOG).

The Super Bowl exhibit combined with another exhibit that really engaged people, the surfboard painting exhibit, led Camacho to declare this year, "the best Fog Fest ever. As the two boards are completed, those can be bid on."  Read article.

Reference.  The Event,  Pacific Coast Fogfest.   2015 Fogfest (9/26-27),"30 years of fun in the fog".  Related. Yelp/Pacifica Fog Fest, reviews 4 stars. 

Note photography.  Mayor and parade from Pacifica Gallery, professional quality photographs by Bradley Wittke for sale, 1 or all 50.  Crowd from Total Escape/Dana Mite, 2014.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Sharon Caren said...

Me and my husband, Dave Crimmen and Sharon Caren of SharonTheHealth, had our Young Living Essential Oil Booth for the second time and this year was far better than last. We got reconnected with neighbors, colleagues, friends new and old and classmates from years past. It was a wonderful event and we will be back next year.

Dave rode in the Parade on a flat bed behind a 29 Ford playing his guitar and singing his original music. What fun it was...

Thank you, Carol Camancho for the amazing job you did Organizing and getting the Super Bowl Exhibit this year. We appreciate all you do.

amy vegan said...

it would be lovely if fogfest would recruit a 100% plant based food vendor. animal agriculture is a direct cause of climate change, water pollution, soil pollution, deforestation, and cruelty to animals. pacificans have a reputation for being eco-friendly. let's prove that by what's on our fork and our plate.

Anonymous said...

Amy, this is broccoli speaking and I do not want to be on your fork. Cauliflower feels the same way. Are we clear?