Monday, October 19, 2015

Senior Services, 40th Anniversary

Pacifica Tribune/Jean Bartlett, Features Correspondent, 10/13/15.  " 'Seniors Matters' defines Senior Services."

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Center of Senior Power,
.... and for Senior empowerment.
New tagline and logo
"In the recent Pacific Coast Fog Fest Discover Pacifica Parade, Pacifica Senior Services (PSS), celebrating their 40th anniversary, was an Honorary Grand Marshal. It was at the parade that PSS formally introduced their new tagline – 'Seniors Matter.'"

.... 'Seniors don’t just matter to us here at the Senior Center but to our community,' Jim Lange (Senior Services Supervisor) said. 'In our community, seniors volunteer at the schools through Pacifica School Volunteers, they volunteer at the library, they volunteer with the Pacifica Historical Society and that’s just the short list.'

'Our statement ‘Seniors Matter’ is a broad statement,' Lange went on to say. “I think Pacifica exemplifies it because we take advantage of what our seniors can do. We do provide programs for our seniors but seniors in turn are an extraordinary resource for us all.' "  Read article.

Reference - City of Pacifica - Senior Services. "The City of Pacifica is committed to providing services and programs for older adults and those with disabilities.  .... A division of the Parks, Beaches and Recreation Department, Senior Services programs and services are provided at the Pacifica Community Center, which houses a multi-purpose Senior Center.  The Senior Center provides congregate and nutrition lunch program, transportation, information and referral services, multiple classes/clubs, entertainment and volunteer opportunities. Meals on Wheels are prepared and delivered from this facility. A gift shop with homemade items is located in the senior lounge area. Programs have been in operation since 1974 and are currently funded by Older American Act grants, San Mateo County grants, charitable donations, client donations, General Fund support of the City of Pacifica, Pacificans Care, fundraising and in-kind volunteer hours.Events calendar. 

Note photograph/graphic.  Pacifica Community Center from Cal Senior Centers/San Mateo County. The new logo from the referenced City website (above).

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Anonymous said...

Now, here's something this city gets right. Kudos to the staff responsible for Senior Services, and, in particular, Jim Lange. Lange delivers compassion, common sense and just plain old decency every day to Pacifica's seniors and those in need.

Vasili Z said...

over a dozen pulling down over $200K/yr

Steve Rhodes was Mgr not even 7 yrs and gets over $110K/yr in pension

Anonymous said...

Real jobs, real money. What's your problem--other than you got left behind?