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National politics, only 12 months until the 11/2016 election

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Mayor Ed Lee Willie L. Brown 
San Francisco Chronicle/Willie L. Brown Jr., Freelance Columnist, "Willie's World," 10/17/15. "No debating networks' need to rejigger format."

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Most of 3rd Street, mine
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Western span of the Bridge, mine
"... the presidential debates.... if the networks want to keep viewers tuning in, they will need to retune the format. On the Republican side, it should be Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Chris Christie, with maybe Rand Paul or Marco Rubio thrown in to round out the card. Sorry Carly Fiorina, you are too much of a downer to keep people interested. .... On the Democratic side, it’s the odd couple: Sanders and Clinton. Bernie is the only candidate equal to Hillary, and Hillary is the only candidate whose mind is faster than Bernie’s.

....  Republican Rep. Paul Ryan is on the horns of a dilemma. He has a good shot at becoming House speaker, which would make him third in line for the presidency. On the other hand, Ryan would like to be considered for president one day and the speakership is a career ender, unless you decide to run for mayor of San Francisco as I did. Paul, take what you can get now, and worry about the future based on how you perform.
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Living and having a good laugh

.... The new Field Poll is not going to sit well with my friend U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein. According to the survey, 43 percent of voters said it would be a “bad thing” for our 82-year-old senator to seek another term.  ....  For me, the only criterion for running for office is the ability to get the votes to win. People often ask me if I have thought of getting back in office. Not a chance. I made it this far without going to jail, and in my book that’s the best win of all.Read article. 

Related Beyond Chron/Rochelle Metcalfe, 2/5/14, "I heard that: the Willie L. Brown, Jr., Bay Bridge... a good idea???" "....Of course, there has been outrage by some; lawsuits filed against the State of California to stop the action! I assume, to no avail!"

Note photograph/graphics, Willie L. Brown. Jr.  Bay Bridge image face page to KQED/Jon Brooks. 3rd Street from SF Citizen blog.  Imitation of Ed Lee by Lou Dematteis/Reuters from New York Times. Boulevard from Cowboy #1, SF Citizen blog.  Having a good laugh by Lacy Atkins SF Gate, 4/30/01.

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