Friday, October 9, 2015

Rent stabilization and affordable housing considered, City Council

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Where will we live?
Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 10/6/15. "City Council prioritizes rent control," (follow-up article from the 9/28/15 City Council meeting).

Lucky and happy
"Council members will soon examine potential rent stabilization in a study session at a date to be announced.  Research from the City Attorney revealed. ... Pacifica may have a rent stabilization ordinance, but it would apply only to apartment or condominium units built before Feb. 1, 1995. It would not apply to single family homes.

....  Council Member Mike O'Neill said, "I would like to see affordable housing more of a priority.  .... In the end, the issue of affordable housing was not granted its own study session, but the council members said they could work on it during the general plan update process."  Read article.

Note photographs.  Keys from The Real Deal South Florida Real Estate News, 5/22/13, "... home prices soar for 5th straight month."  Couple and umbrella from Telegraph, UK/Emma Rowley, 11/14/11, "Britain 'to become nation of renters." 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Jane Northrup is the most biased reporter the Trib has ever had. Her stories misquote, misconstrue, and generally are wrong on purpose. She is the mouthpiece of the Gang of No and now the entitled class. I just as soon see the paper close as read more of her drivel. She declares open season on the Realtors and homeowners not having the faintest clue that their advertising and subscriptions keep those doors at the Trib open. Just reporting the news is too much for this megaphone for the Keener's of this town.

Anonymous said...

In other unreported Pacifica News:

The Tribune was sold to the Marin Newspaper group

Anonymous said...

If you cant afford the rent here hit the bricks.

I dont care if you were born here or born in Mexico, but you don't have any right to live here if you afford the bills.

I'd like to live in Beverly Hills but I can't afford it so I don't pretend that I can

Anonymous said...

GoFundMe for 843. 90210 here he comes!

Anonymous said...

Most of those trailers are less than fifteen years old.

Even with brand new trailers that place will be a dump in ten years.

Please, can't city council stop this from being another trailer park?

Anonymous said...

Why would they want to? The Carlyle Group knows exactly what it's doing and they have the money and infrastructure to do it. What a concept! These certainly aren't the trailers you're used to. Carlyle is making use of CA's unique regulations pertaining to mobile home parks. Because the site technically remains a mobile home park, the project avoids the usual regulatory barriers to coastal development. It's a smart development by a very smart company. The local yokels may not make much off it, but for this city, it's a very good thing.

Anonymous said...

"When it was City Council's turn to speak, John Keener stated his multi-pronged plan to stabilize rents. He said the amount rent can rise should be controlled, a policy established for "just cause" eviction and relocation benefits should be required if the owner is going to use the property."

So Mr. Keener, if I own a rental property and decide to have one of my kids live in it or if I decide to, I have to pay the current tenants to leave? How is this fair to the owner? Why should the renters have more rights than the owner?

I do not own any rental properties but if I did I would fight this all day long!!

Mr. Keener, what would you consider "just cause"? Who is the party responsible to determine this?

Time to get real people!!! We live in area that is expensive. My kids unfortunately will not have the same chance to buy a home in Pacifica or any else in No-Cal. I feel bad for them as I do all of the young people but that's the way it is.

Anonymous said...

Don't piss in the wind and tell us it's raining 1106

These trailers are another lie of neighbor hood renewal.

Can't wait till planning oks a mile of trailers on esplanade.

That's what happens when you hire newbie nimbees to run the town.

What's next a tent city fur illegal aliens?

You think Burlingame is still building trailer parks?

Anonymous said...

Keener's a communist.
He does not have to explain his meaning of "just cause". You are correct, the proletariat has more rights than evil capitalistic landowners. You must not argue with the state authority unless of course you have no objection to being "dis-appeared".

Anonymous said...

1106 Rent control won't affect single family homes.

Your kids are safe.

And the second all trailer parks are gone for good from Pacifica the better.

Palo alto closed their last one this year abnd surrounding property shot up

Anonymous said...

1129 You're hilarious. Like the tent city idea. We could be a sanctuary city. Go with it, angry dude. Pick a persona and just go with it.

Anonymous said...

Trulia has LM rental @ $4950. Plenty of others over $4K and not on Pedro Point or back on Perez. Just old tract houses with the omnipresent granite and ss kitchens. I like to think I'd be more concerned for my fellow man if I wasn't ecstatic over owning my home. You?

Anonymous said...

We have enough sanctuary cities around here.

If you want to live for free move to Frisco.

If cops and teachers can't afford to live here pay them more that simple.

Anonymous said...

Cops and teacher salaries are a big part of why city is always broke.

We already have a pension crisis here that is killing us.

Anonymous said...

"Cops and Teachers are a big part of why city is always broke" I don't think so. Blame Gov Brown for giving them so much. Not their fault if they signed up for a big pension. So would you.

Anonymous said...

Google who the ten highest paid people in the city are and get back to me.

If we cut every city workers check by ten percent we'd have a surplus and could fix the roads

They'd all still be making a hundred thousand a year or more

Anonymous said...

332 Who wouldn't accept better pay and benefits if they're offered? Kind of the same thing as renting out your home for as much as the market will allow. Easy enough to find other opportunities to nurture your inner self if being mercenary bothers you or you feel fortunate. That's probably what fuels most public service and charity.

Thomas Clifford said...

Teacher's salaries and pensions have no impact on the City's budget. They work for the school district.

Pacifica and the whole Bay Area have an affordable housing shortage. I have been pressing the Planning department to make changes to our housing elements(bring them in line with State guidelines) for years. While none of the changes I have asked for would keep the Pacific Sky's renters in their homes,the changes would allow more low and very low income units to be created. Giving them an affordable place to go.

Since The City of Pacifica, by law, must make these changes by, Dec. 2016, I see no reason to delay and have asks both our Planning department and City Council to expedite the process.

Anonymous said...

Democrats need to reap what they sow. So the city crumbles. Meh. It's not like I didn't tell you it wouldn't. So raise taxes, push out our kids, make them move out of state and deal with your aging community. The "If it feels good than do it" movement that Bill and Hillary Clinton started is, was never going to be sustainable. Gov Brown has all the money he needs for excellent healthcare. Gov Brown, a life long government servant double dipping hippy leads the way. Snort. Get away. Get lost. Stop picking on Cops. Cops clean up democrats mess.

Anonymous said...

Tom Clifford, in the midst of self-indulgent, neurotic drivel, you make a stand for reason, logic, and action. That's a lonely business. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Truly you are the biggest jerk on this blog.
GOP says they hate government but it's because they don't have a clue on how to do it.
When my children were really young they "hated" math. Turns out it was only because they didn't know how to do it and they were afraid of it. Eventually they grew up. Something Cruz and the boys will NEVER do.
Keep listening to Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reily, Savage and the rest. Those seditionists surely know the way.

Anonymous said...

747 Is he a jerk or does he just play one on Fix Pacifica? Provocateur sock puppet?

Anonymous said...

Either way, he's still a jerk.

Anonymous said...

@7:47PM And Democrats know how to do Government? Then own it. It is failing. It cost too much. Obamacare cause effect: shorter hours for middle class. They can't afford to live in California, and still can't afford healthcare. So democrats very intelligent pro-government solutions is to flood our borders with cheap labor and push a pro-abortion culture, killing American babies. We have killed generations of Americans. Then a democrat shrill will yell, 'are you going to take care of all the unwanted babies?' I say, 'Why not' it is better than taking care of anti-American foreigners who barely make it over the border but just in time to drop a baby in America, we call that an Anchor-baby. Worse is the illegals come from socialist countries where they are forced to not think for themselves. Not working. BIG FAT FAIL. Own it. And SHUT UP.

Anonymous said...

"Not think for themselves".........
The only reason the Tea Party even exists is that there are enough morons in America who are willing to NOT think for themselves.
Just tune into FOX everyday and they will provide you with the script for the day.
YOU own it, you freak!

Anonymous said...

right wing nut job

Anonymous said...

Funny how the NOBY obstruction/demonization strategy mimics the Republican strategy. It even achieves the same results.

Anonymous said...

The only difference between Republicans and Democrats is:

Republicans make money in the private sector then go into politics.

Democrats go into politics to make money.

Think about it!

Anonymous said...

3:07 Glib, but not true.

Kathy Meeh said...

305, makes an apt local political strategy: Compare NOBY, NIMBY, Gang of No to the far right-wing Republicans: Crash and burn to achieve a regressive outcome of nothing, (there is a human and economic price to pay for that).
307, Republicans may get the prize for corruption in Government-- that we could agree upon. MSNBC/Benjy Sarlin article, 8/17/15, "Influence of wealthy donors becoming an issue in GOP primaries".

1046, 532, President Barack Obama and Congress inherited the Great Recession from a Republican administration. (President Bill Clinton also inherited a significant Recession from a Republican administration.)
Federal (United States) legislation occurs from Congress, which includes both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Currently Republicans have full control of Congress, (see CNN/politics, 11/5/14).
In recent years, Republican strategy has been obstruction, rather than compromise. Congress has again threaten to close-down government. The House Republican leadership is even having problems choosing their Speaker. That's what you call "leadership"? I don't think so.

Extreme bla, bla, bla.... the balance of your 532, 1046 stupid, hate OPINION dialog is a "BIG FAT FAIL" (your words).
Our Country is a form of Social Democracy (explained in YouTube, 3:48 minutes).
BTW, these Republicans need to contribute to reasonable/humane legislative immigrant solutions.
Also, you clearly do not understand the medical/legal/social issue of women's reproductive rights, including legal abortion, (embryo or fetus). Maybe ask your mother or grandmother.

Anonymous said...

532/1046 it sure sucks to be you. Your worldview is creepy.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News: There is no Republican Party. We are a leaderless nation. Democrats are running the show and have been. Especially in Pacifica. Own your shit. Stop complaining. Pay your taxes. And enjoy the beach. And leave me alone. Commies are in charge now. So shut up and get along, or else.