Sunday, October 4, 2015

"Councilmembers" is official, and gender neutral: Half Moon Bay

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Is Half Moon Bay Review policy stuck in the 20th Century?
Councilmen, Councilwoman, Councilmembers-- that's better. 
Half Moon Bay Review will ignore the City of Half Moon Bay ordinance to title city council members:  "Councilmembers".  

Half Moon Bay Review/Clay Lambert/Opinion, 9/30/15. "Call them 'councilmembers' it's the law now."

"The three women on the Half Moon Bay City Council would prefer to be called “councilmembers” rather than “councilmen,” which is understandable. But, how much is it worth to you to make the change official? The answer is $210. That is how much the Review billed the city for a legal advertisement... It’s a small price to pay for an informed citizenry.

".... "...the city manager called the cost “negligible.”  But “negligible” isn’t the same as “necessary” as anyone with a home budget knows. .... We salute the spirit of the change.

".... It’s just … Do we really need an ordinance? The Review has always called the men “councilmen” and the women “councilwomen.” We will continue to do so regardless of what city ordinance prescribes. We do it that way both because it’s a no-brainer and because that is the suggestion of the Associated Press Stylebook, which is the bible for newspapers on matters like this. If it seems strange to you that there has to be a regulation for such things, well, you are not alone."  Read article.

Note photograph. Pig image face page to Sodahead/Larry Flynt is a chauvinist pig!.

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