Friday, October 16, 2015

Displacing people through high rents, another Coastside story

Half Moon Bay Review/Carina Woudenberg, 10/15/15. "High rents push aside Coastsiders. Some call for rent control."

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The landlord kept raising the rent.
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Dumbfounding, in this country,
some people don't have housing.
Two income family income Coastside.  ....  "The landlord jacked up the rent six times over the course of two years, Salma Euan said. He would tell them they had to get out because he had to fix up the place, then said he would raise the rent and provide repairs while the family remained inside.'He said more lies,' Euan said. 'He raised it (to) more than $2,000. We stayed there and he never fixed anything.'

Ultimately, Euan and her family were forced to move out due to the dramatic rent increases. For the last year, they have been sharing one bedroom at a family member’s house in Half Moon Bay while they search for a more permanent solution. The family wishes to stay on the Coastside where both adults are employed, but fear they will have to move out of the area if they can’t find another place to live. Euan’s story strikes a chord with many current Coastside residents and former Coastsiders as well."  Read article.

Note photographs Salma Euan by Cat Cutillo/Half Moon Bay Review. Mother and children fom Portland Mercury/Blogtown/Shelby R. King, 9/13/15.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

In any other country this would be called a hate crime.

My kids were born here, both went to college, good jobs but won't be able to raise their kids here.

The rich realtors get richer while everyone else suffers.

Anonymous said...

Let's see:

Free healthcare=Thanks Obamacare
Free Dental Insurance
Free Cell Phone
Almost Free Housing=HUD
Food Stamps
Child credits

Keep voting for Democrats!

Anonymous said...

Hey moron.
The criminals are on Wall Street not the local real estate office.